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Birthdate:Jul 27
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
Website:Starsky & Hutch fan site
I write original fiction and fan fiction, I read, I take photographs, love fandom. I read a lot in the Supernatural fandom and have been checking out Batman: Under the Red Hood. I'm loving Justified's last season and also Black Sails (Captain Flint/Charles Vane <3). I still watch SPN, and I still love the older fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, Alias Smith and Jones, Planet of the Apes.

I did a fanzine for S&H called Like Water, Like Fire and then a second which I'm really proud of called Blood and Destiny (no longer available, but you can see it here if curious:

See also sites for Dante's Cove at, Alias Smith and Jones at and POTA at I also have a gen S&H site at Last, an author site:

I'm more comfortable with animals than I am people, which explains the menagerie of cats and dogs wandering my place. I was into gardening for a few years, art a few more. I've been diagnosed with MS recently after years of knowing something was wrong, but not what. Now I'm pretty much raising my kids, trying to hang in and write.

I have been married twice and think I am going to stick with my current husband. Okay, I know I am. He's one in a million, and that means both good and bad things. Almost all good, though. AND he puts up with me.

I have two beautiful little girls that I will love forever. Someday they'll rule the galaxy - I'm pretty sure of it.

I often write dark works. Generally speaking I can't harm a fly, but I don't flinch from writing angst, violence, and things I find incredibly disturbing in real life. More, I relish writing them, though only if they are firmly entrenched in my mind as being far from reality. That's pretty much why I don't read/write certain stories with a main theme of illness, animal cruelty, or even the very things that I write about that ping as too real to me.

I had a enlightening conversation with someone once about labels and warnings, and the weird thing was what I took away from that: an understanding that emotionally, I see it as having to warn people about me expressing myself. In other words, still a freak, once and always. So I am.

However, on A03 you can always check out the tags, even if I've got an 'author prefers not to use warnings' label.

Sometimes I'll surprise, I think, with some humorous pieces. Hopefully.

Anyone who wants to riff off my works, podfic it, whatever, then go for it, as long as credit and a link to the original work is given, and as long as it's not monetized. I firmly support transformative works - there's so much happiness in it. I believe reworking and adding to the narrative of others is human nature and an important part of our culture.

That's it.

Oh, and for those comms that need to know, I'm definitely absolutely positively over 18.
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