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She gave me the double whammy this time - posted me an Avengers story and bonused me with the ASJ story I've been wanting her to send out into the world:)

The Alias Smith & Jones story I mentioned some time ago that Cass wrote for me. Now I can share!
You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Post "Something to Get Hung About", the boys separate and bad things happen.

She also posted me an Avengers story (movie related; Steve/Tony) that I love but am also quite frustrated with (you'll see why if you read it)
Tony yanked hard at the chains, producing noise but no useful result. He didn’t know how long he’d been hanging there, naked and blindfolded, but it felt like a long time. His arms and shoulders were aching and his calves were cramping. It was bad enough that he was hanging in the dark like a side of beef, but they'd also drugged him. They must have because he was hard and aching and completely unable to get any relief. As torture went, it was pretty damn effective.
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For our annual yule exchange, C and I have posted our two stories. I filled her Batman: Under the Red Hood prompt and she filled my Alias Smith & Jones. They're both bleak, even for us.

Oh my God, I love those ASJ boys. I have to tell you, I am blown away by her story for me - the characterization is perfect. For both of the guys, while reading I had these utter 'aw' moments - if you know the chemistry between these guys, you'll know what I'm talking about. They were a perfect duo, and weirdly enough even when they were shouting at each other it was humorous, not hostile. The story has perfect characterization, warmth, longing and love tied up neatly within a ball of grief. I teared up, guys, and I just find myself waving my hands around and exclaiming how I love it. It's sad but so moving. Rendezvous in a Bedroll by [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet. (Heyes/Curry)

Mine is called Sometimes they Come Back, and it's all about the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, which C made me watch and which I love (and one of my kids as well - she's watched it with me several times). I do adore it. C is right, it's a fangirl paradise. The story is Dick Grayson/Jason Todd.
Bruce thinks Jason has crossed the line. He has no idea how far Jason will go. (Or: Jason has a backup plan.)

Remember what I said, though - we are dark people, and we love angst, and angsty love. Check the tags for each story if you need to know why.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today:)
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I sent these recs to [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet earlier, and figured I'd list them at my journal as well. They're well written and with an authentic feel for the characters and/or source material.
At this point, the authors are all listed as anon.

fandom: Near Dark
title: Family 
How Diamondback picked Jesse up by the side of the road.

fandom: Vikings
title: The Garden 
Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar Lothbrok
Athelstan's heathen garden.

fandom: The Eagle
title: Wherever You Go
“We might be meat for hounds tomorrow,” Esca rasps, feeling the words scrape his throat raw and watching for understanding in Marcus’ eyes. They have no time to waste now. None at all.
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Jan. 2nd, 2013 04:00 pm
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in 2012, health issues were a problem, both mine and my mother's. I'm unemployed and have been for several months after my boss died unexpectedly and the business closed - I'd been there since 1999. My mother-in-law died as well.

I had hoped to accomplish some personal goals and do some things around my home that have needed doing for a long time while unemployed, and I have, but I'm not anywhere near where I had hoped I would be. Still, I'm working on it.

Our latest rescue kitty, Alice, died this past Saturday. She was very, very loved and quite spoiled. That was something I had wanted to give her, a sense of belonging and of being loved, and I know I accomplished it. It was a privilege to be able to bring her happiness and comfort for awhile. Her tiny little paws jabbing at me in the middle of the night when she wanted something was endearing (most of the time), and the sound of her lovely little trilling was incredibly adorable.

On the writing front:
A lot of things had stalled out for me, what with the health issues, but I'm back to writing some things. Fannish-wise, I participated in the [livejournal.com profile] spn_illuminated writing challenge with a story called "The Other End (What's Left of You That I Don't Have)" which turned out to be one of my darker pieces. It's an AU wherein Ruby doesn't betray Sam and the Apocalypse is averted.

I wrote three things recently, all in microscopic or even nonexistent fandoms, two of them from prompts or ideas from [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet (we share a lot of common pairings/interests). 1."Burning From the Inside" is a crossover between J2's 2009 movies, Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine, and brought me the most uncomplicated joy and ease of writing than anything else has in a long time. But even that almost stalled out - I couldn't think of how best to make some of this movie canon gel, and I sorta sat down, said fuck it, and wrote it out. Clay and Tom knew what to do, evidently, when I didn't.

2. A Perfect Form (illuminated) was more of a struggle, but a good struggle, if that makes sense, figuring out a workable narrator's voice. It's a story based on a Frankenstein miniseries from the 70s. The bond between Frankenstein and his monster was poignant onscreen, and I never really forgot it. It finally came out on DVD, and I've rewatched it several times since then and also made a few caps to illustrate the story.

3. The third story was a Planet of the Apes (tv series) fan fiction, Circular Progression, which I had planned on doing years ago but never got around to doing - and [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k has been putting out a lot of stories in the very small fandom, so I thought I'd write one for her as a [livejournal.com profile] yuletide treat. It involves Wanda from The Interrogation. It was the fastest one I've done in a long time, being around 5,000 words done/edited in 2-3 days. It felt good!

On the original writing front, this year I've written a novella called What I Need, about a damaged young man falling for a male prostitute, Pretty Woman style, only dirtier. I was prompted with Jamie Campbell Bower in mind for the prostitute - prompter, you know who you are (again)!

I've written a very short story that I may never be able to sell, I have no idea - it's hard to describe, so I won't even try beyond calling it an urban blight/paranormal-ish thing - called "Beulah's House of Prayer."  And I'm trying to sell another right now, straight-up horror, called "Diamond Grey." Spiders, ugh. I dreamed about it, what can I say?

Finally, I put out a trio of fairy tales for sale. It has het sex and horror. But I honestly can't remember if I actually wrote any of those three stories last year or not. I'm thinking not. I edited them quite a bit, and it all gets kind of confusing!

Not a good record, but hell, I did write and I'm glad for that. Hoping for better this year.
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Yesterday I rushed around, trying to get some last minute things done, and then I and the usual suspects got together early and watched lots and lots of shows. It was a real treat because there's NO TIME to do that anymore, but we made the time. It was at one point a 70s love-in. Planet of the Apes tv series (The Interrogation), Alias Smith & Jones (Smiler With a Gun - one of their most serious, well-written, well-acted episodes, with Grandpa from The Waltons in it), Starsky & Hutch (The Fix, yes - I can just about speak along with the actors at this point), Logan's Run, the tv series (bootleg copy of the Pilot - so, so bad it's ... well, it's bad in that good way that bad shows with eye-rolling laser beams and tin "glider" vehicles with wheel covers so you don't see the wheels can be, and a very young Gregory... um, Harrison? The guy who was on Trapper John? as the star).

We also saw Blood Ties (awesome, powerful female lead and also: vampire torture), Battlestar Galactica (the one where Leoben is interrogated by Starbuck), Legend of the Seeker (I don't know her name, but it had the anti-Jeannie chick with the long blonde braid and she'd strung Richard up and poked him with A STICK) and Supernatural (Mystery Spot, I will never not love it). And the season one finale of The Borgias. And there was hot apple juice with cinnamon, cloves and brandy. Ah, it makes the whole house smell wonderful. And we had a couple of folks stay the night.

And Yuletide reveals are here, and [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k , I'm kind of mortified. I did NOT recognize you as my POTA author, which is so insane because of how I've read and examined your stories so much, but it wasn't Pete whump and it was kind of a solemn thing, something the series could have expanded upon, and anyway I'm feeling foolish. But I want to give you a big hug and tell you how much I appreciate the gift!  And how glad I am we're back in touch, so much:))) And then there's , , , and for their lovely, original gifts to me. I enjoyed my plenitude of gifts very VERY much.

And I can tell you I wrote two stories! Something in the Guns - The Walking Dead (tv series) fandom, with Daryl Dixon and Andrea featured; and The Beating of Her Bound Heart - my take on Little Red Riding Hood, dark and definitely a revisionist take. I had lots of fun, and then I did something thoughtless, though my intentions were actually good, and felt very bad for it. But I'd rather leave that behind now.

Happiest of New Years to you all. Last year was pretty much, uh, not good, so here's hoping for better.
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As I told you guys before, I was so delighted to be gifted with several lovely stories. And one of you, my friends, (eying you all closely) knew me before Yuletide - because I was gifted a story for a fandom I didn't ask for but love so much! I can't tell you how happy I was to see it.

Planet of the Apes, the tv series, all 14 episodes of it (there's a new comm for it here) - yes, Pete, Burke, Galen, Urko. I started a recent rewatch and the characterization and chemistry between the actors holds up well, which is what tends to make me fannish over shows. This was my first fandom before I knew the word fandom, fannish, or fan fiction. I thought I was all alone in these bizarre tendencies to fixate over shows, and was heartbroken when it was cancelled. The episode that made my little heart pound loudly was "The Interrogation" - Pete's subjected to torture by the apes to get him to spill information on the humans who helped our fugitive trio since they began running. I wrote a story with that in mind years later, too - it just wouldn't leave my psyche, apparently:) So I was gifted a story this year in the fandom! Now, I've been getting some new stories in the fandom after an arid patch - [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k has taken to it again with some wonderful results, but this was totally unexpected!

Cry Over Me looks at the death of the 3rd astronaut in the pilot episode. Poor Jonesy finally gets his proper due. There's also the interesting dynamic of Galen and Pete's new relationship - it actually takes a more realistic view of two characters who are in trouble and who've only just met - there's some initial friction.

The rest of my gifts are fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, all of them. It's what I asked for:) I've always loved fairy tales - the more gruesome, the better. None of that Disney stuff. To this day, they reflect some very old, real terrors that are just as powerful now as they ever were. Little Red Riding Hood is loaded with issues relating to women, and depending on the version you read, can make you want to slap someone or cheer. Plus the nasty/wrong things, which as you well know fascinates me.

I received four stories for LRRH, and not a one of them with a happy ending, which makes ME happy. And another thing - I LOVE how writers can still continue to rewrite this, finding all the different forms it can take and still make it original to them.

summary: They did not question that there had been a wolf. There were blood and bodies. Surely that was proof enough.

a poem! If someone close to Red Riding Hood is a monster, does that make LRRH a monster as well? Best line for me because I love the flow of it (I was going to quote more but my favorite section is very spoilery for the author's version, but I can't help but quote this one):

I'll hide my beast-face 'neath my girl-skin--

Isn't that wonderful?

Later, Tater
summary: On the Internet, no one knows you're a wolf...

and check out the warnings;) - Warning for moderately bad language, sexual themes, general darkness, an abundance of txt spk, and casual mention of Jim Carrey mpreg

the mention of Jim Carrey almost did me in - that rubber-faced weirdness is scarier than the clown from It (Tim Curry)! This story combines social networking and LIttle Red Riding Hood, which I love. The faceless aspect is the scariest, and really relevant.

Blood Red
summary: She pauses at the edge of the woods, but only to check her weapons.

Isn't that an amazing summary? It's not exactly a total horror ending, but it's Red Riding Hood, taking care of herself - always awesome.

That Black Forest
summary: Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly, for I've four and twenty blackbirds, all baked in a pie.

Grandma to the fore here, and reminding me of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Red is never mentioned, but there is an inference that I like a lot:)

In conclusion: bloody bestial happy Yule to me. Thank you so much, you talented authors:))))
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I am happy. I was so inspired by the generosity of the other writers gifting me that I unexpectedly managed to write another story for a gift, one I'm really happy with. Then I go to A03 tonight and what do I see? FIVE GIFTS now. I love you guys. I love Cass, who was patient with me and helped me to really see the important stuff on that last story. It felt so damn good to just get a story out like that in two days and no screwing around.

It felt REALLY good.

Merry Christmas, flist.
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I finished my Yuletide story a few weeks ago, and good thing I did - life has been hell, with medical issues from Mom and my mother-in-law, and it has gotten to the point I feel kind of dried-up and desperate in general, but I managed to write my story before the crap came down even harder. I have my beloved girls from GNO to help keep me sane, and I look forward to those nights so much (though even that was shredded by other real life issues last Sat.) and my old-friend-came-back [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k has been lovely and supportive, but it's been so difficult. I was looking forward to vacation time starting Saturday and instead it turned into hell days, but finally, FINALLY, a break from worry (relatively speaking, and by no means stable, but still, it's here) as of today.

So I go to the AO3 yuletide page, and you guys, there are THREE gifts for me. I think I want to cry. Three! I wanted so badly to write treats but it wasn't happening, even though I had two in mind - and then there's those three anon gifts for me. Such wonderful, nice gifts. Writing a story for someone, even if (and hopefully) it jibes with the gifter's interest - getting such a story is so personal and good.

I just want to thank whoever(s) profusely and with much hugging, because everything has been so hard, and here you go lifting up my spirits.

However! I don't think I told y'all this, but my husband finally found a job. Aside from the contracting work he's managed to get, it's been a year and a half.

One more thing - Alice the cat - I promised reports, but have made none. She's still thin and recovery is slow. It appears she isn't going to be a big ball of fluff anytime soon, but she's coming along. I think she suffered terribly as a stray, and now she's much brighter in her eyes. She follows me and my husband around the house, making her growly Siamese-like meows, asking for food and attention. She's the very sweetest of the sweet.


Dec. 10th, 2011 02:33 pm
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finished my story about a week ago. Today I talked to someone who does some lovely caps for the show I'm writing for, and got to put up some of her work. So pretty!
Hoping I get the chance to write some treats. I'm looking at two fandoms now, maybe three. Like I said, here's hoping!
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Hello, dear yuletide writer:) Here's a little note for you in case you're curious as to what I like.

Dark, edgy, gritty stuff, drama, horror and angst - I like all of it. I don't need happy endings but I'm certainly not against them, either. Never fear if you want to push boundaries or push the characters to or past their limits, because I'm on board with that. I don't have a lot of squicks. However, importantly, if you're NOT on board with that, that's okay of course - I also love characterization and relationship exploration, affectionate banter and happiness. I'm going to love what you write, whatever it is:)  

And now here's my fandom picks!

The Borgias
characters: Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia
I've always been interested how the show has portrayed Cesare as unhappy with his father's plans for him, and how resigned he became to his own unhappiness. I'm a big fan of Cesare and Lucrezia's devotion to each other, and I'd love a story featuring their closeness - anything goes, be it obsession, incest, or any type of exploration of their relationship. hurt!Cesare would be a lovely bonus! Any rating

Fairy tales and related fandoms
characters: Red Riding Hood, wolf
dark fic, horror, would be great. I'd love allusions to earlier versions of the fairy tale. I love fairy tales, and this one has enough dark undercurrents to keep me endlessly fascinated, no matter what you choose to do with it. Any rating

Long Walk (Stephen King)
characters: Peter McVries, Ray Garraty
I adore Pete/Ray, and Pete in particular. Slash or gen, friendship or something more, any rating is wonderful. I love the intensity and desperation of the book, the irony of a coming of age story for young men whose lives are ending with the Walk.

thank you so much, ytwriter - I hope we both have lots of fun this year, and that the story you receive makes you as happy as yours will me:))
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It seems as if 2010 has been hard on a bunch of us, so I'll raise a glass to my flist and hope you have a truly wonderful 2011.

Read more... )

And check this out! [livejournal.com profile] ilaria84 made a header that I used with the story -

pretty picture!!! )

Isn't it gorgeous?

And that's the fun I had at Yuletide, my first year at it:)



Dec. 31st, 2010 11:38 am
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One of my recipients made no comment or acknowledgment :(  Maybe she's out of town? Or LIVING or something;) Hate to think it wasn't liked, but hey, it happens, a lot I bet. It's not that big a thing - it just happened that this was the story I ended up being the least certain about. Annnd also, I figure the journal's here for whining, if that's what I want to do. So I did. Whine in it.  

But in the main, my recipients seemed to really enjoy the stories, especially the story I actually planned. That one seemed ECSTATIC and it was wonderful, made me very happy!

Anybody done one of those year end things re: your art, vids, writing, whatever? If you have I'd like to see! I might have missed it.
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New to Yuletide this year, and I haven't yet been able to read many stories so far, but I want to get in the few I have been able to read - otherwise I'll end up not doing it at all, and the writers of our small (or obscure) fandoms deserve much better treatment than that, right? :)

first, written for me: Absence of Fear, Alias Smith and Jones, Heyes/Curry explicit - "Heyes realized that when he got really, really mad, Kid didn't seem to be afraid of him at all" - and it makes him feel irritable and insignificant. But then when something happens and Curry seems to fear him after all, there's nothing he wants less. Sensitive subject matter, a lot of love in the end:)

also written for me: Ask for Anything - Long Walk, Stephen King
The Long Walk's about 100 teenage boys in the competition of their life, and it all boils down to the last one walking wins, simple as that. The rest are killed. The Long Walk tells their story.
Here's the thing: I hadn't really thought much about Scramm's (one of the walkers) wife - we never met her, we just heard of her. Yet the author makes her come alive. She's young and pregnant, her husband's dead and the guy who made it through and won wants to talk to her. She's grieving, she's afraid, and yet when she sees the winner of the Walk, Ray Garraty, she listens to him and feels compassion for him. And Ray himself is such a tragedy. The Walk HAS no real winners - in fact, the winner may be the real loser.

and these:
Beside My Lonely Fires - Blood Ties, Henry Fitzroy/Mike Celluci, explicit - how many stories have you read delve into leather bars AND the existential anguish of an immortal watching his loved ones die;) Both are touched on. Loved reading of Henry and Mike's interaction. 

Great and More Fortunate Things - Sparactus: Blood and Sand - neat, in character Naevia's POV as she comforts Crixus' in his recovery and keeps a terrible secret. Bonus Pietros. Love the ending. It just makes sense.

The Road to Villa Mercedes
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, explicit. Etta and Sundance and Butch, just some threesome fun:)
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I wrote FOUR things for Yuletide. *shakes head* That place is addictive. I'd never written in any of the fandoms before. One was totally off the top of my head. Another came together at the very last minute (and then it was edit for another hour or 50, as much as I could manage to get done in this case). Only one story was under 1,000, too. Feels like I've been in training, so nice to just write. Neglected other things as a result, of course.

Had a lovely, lovely ASJ fiction written for me, Absence of Fear ,and a Long Walk fiction, too (my favorite book), Ask for Anything, with nice character development that I hadn't even really thought about (one of the Walkers was married, and this was the aftermath from the wife's POV). I was so, so happy to see that I was given not one but two stories in a couple of favorite, very small fandoms:) There is nothing like seeing a nice-sized story come out in your small fandom - rare stuff and very much appreciated.

Plus, SNOW. Not like Kimberly had, but it's been a lot of years since we had a snow that stuck to the ground for Christmas. Our 2nd snow this year, too, which is early for us.

My husband's still unemployed, but recently doing some contract work for a nice wage. We managed a nice Christmas for the kids and not so bad for ourselves, even - I got a Kindle. It's so light. And A03 allows you to download in mobi format, which is just none-propriatary Kindle reading:) I've also found that if you have a mobi reader, the freebie from the mobi site, you can just drag docs and other formats to it and it'll convert them - not perfectly, in that I haven't gotten it to name things correctly always, but readable. And easy, if you've got a bulky folder or ten of fan fiction waiting to be read on your hard drive.

Last day off tomorrow, sigh. Hope everyone had a good holiday.
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Almost 5,000 words:)
Threesome? Check. Explicit stuff, probably as explicit as I've ever done - check. Good, fun characters that I really liked writing for. I enjoyed this so much:)

Hopefully I'll get on that ohsam prompt. It's a good one, and I've got until February.

Funniest thing this morning. One of my cats, Flea, aka Cotton (I've posted about him before- he was a kitten crying outside my window before dawn, a gorgeous boy that we adopted)



was playing a game with the hamster in his ball this morning. Herbay was chasing him from living room through playroom to kitchen and back. I thought it was hilarious. My daughter tells me this is not the first time.

Herbay is adorable, by the way:)



Nov. 30th, 2010 08:46 am
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Checked characters' eye color, height, and tats (very important!). Now I need to check out one dude's apartment and maybe I'll be set to write (or is this stalking? feels like stalking).
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I'm new this year to Yuletide, but luckily I have had some very kind people offering info so that I'm not totally lost. For one thing, I didn't know we could write a letter to our writers, or how to let them know how to find it. Thank you, dear writerly person, for reading this:)

Of course, the story is your own to write and I guarantee you I will appreciate it however you choose to write it! But if you happen to be interested in what I like, well, I tend toward angst and generally love the characters being tortured or torn emotionally for whatever reason. I like the story to earn that angst, if that makes sense? I mean, the situation should warrant the emotion. I like hurt/comfort a lot, too, but generally the mental angst will always rate for me over physical danger. 

Request 1
        * Alias Smith and Jones,
        * Hannibal Heyes,
        * Kid Curry,
        * M/M,
        * Explicit
Heyes/Curry slash, Heyes hurt, Kid comfort. I adore the two men and even more so their chemistry when together, but I'm really fascinated by Heyes. His mind is always working out angles, figuring odds, I think, and he has a ready smile that covers just about everything he's thinking or feeling.

Kid's the quiet one, the guy with the temper, but I love how he seems to adore Heyes.

My personal preference in an ASJ story is some sort of hurt or anguish for Heyes (or both Heyes and Curry), or some sort of mortal danger situation they may find themselves in, and maybe some regrets?

Request 2
        * Dark Blue,
        * Dean Bendis,
        * Jaimie Allen,
        * Ty Curtis,
        * Multi,
        * Explicit
Ty, Jaimie and Dean in a sexual relationship - I think Jaimie's got a lot of layers, things that she doesn't show most people. I think, too, that she's trying desperately to make good for her past, and she's probably more vulnerable to people she's trying to please, but I also think she's likely the controlling party, even if not immediately obvious, in a sexual relationship with the guys.

Dean's so macho, but I bet he's willing to be bottom, do almost anything, underneath it all. I think his toughness covers some insecurities and a need to be loved, though I don't think he'd let that need show too overtly.

Ty, he's newly single, right? I can't decide if he'd just be voracious because he's all of a sudden free to do as he will, or if he's the least adventurous of the three? And of course, a mention of Ty's gorgeous tattoos wouldn't run amiss:)

I really am quite hung-up on the threesome fic, but having said that, there's next to nothing out there that I can find of fiction in the fandom, so believe me I'd appreciate whatever you come up with!

Request 3
        * Long Walk - Stephen King,
        * Ray Garraty,
        * Peter McVries,
        * M/M,
        * Explicit
McVries FASCINATES me. He's obviously smart, and he went through a bad period with his girl before the Walk. I think he's one of the few Walkers to actually realize what he was getting into. Hopelessness, apathy, or just plain old self-loathing - I think the guy had a handle on the fact that he was volunteering to die. Ray's different, he got caught up in the celebrity of it, the excitement, and maybe he thought he had a real chance, but his determination and strength is very attractive. I'm also really really intrigued with the story from Garraty's childhood, playing doctor with that little friend of his, the shame of being caught and the shame that he was made to feel, and then the fact that he really did consciously hurt his friend later because of it.

When McVries offers to jerk him off, Garraty's wanting to be touched, but not that way, I think the book said, and it's really insightful to acknowledge he's lonely and wants to be touched, but I wonder... could something more be made of that closeness between McVries and himself?

I asked for an explicit story, but actually just anything INTENSE between these two guys would be great, slash or no, because I think their relationship was very intense and I'm very into that.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you get an awesome story, too, something you've really been hoping for!


Nov. 13th, 2010 01:16 pm
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good lord, I signed up. I have no idea what I'm doing, or anything really about it. Can I tell what fandoms I put down or do I need to wait? I'll wait unless someone tells me different.

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