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Every year, C and I write each other a story for Christmas.* It's really my most treasured gift because it's done very specifically for my love of a fandom, issued from her lovely brain for love of me. And it's really ideal because we have many fandoms in common, and neither of us shy away from a dark story. We are dark, twisty people.
However, last year the prompts really started to get away from us. She's so very good at whipping up these ideas, and it spurs me in kind. I am beginning to believe the prompting is as much fun as the writing:)
We've already started with more this year--I thought I'd post them all here for fun, and for a record. I'll update it as needed--I'm sure there will be plenty more prompts to add as we get closer to Christmas.

*We're exchanging writing prompts four/five times a year now and see how it works out.
a mix of prompts, original fiction and fan fiction - check-in every week with 250 words minimum
due dates: March 7, June 13, September 12,
(possibly Halloween?) and Yuletide
(loose guidelines for C: From Dusk Till Dawn - junkie Seth; "Revision" sequel [Under the Red Hood]; The Avengers [Marvel Movies] - one about Steve; The Avengers [Marvel Movies] - portion of the long story, Doomed to Repeat; possible prompt fic
guidelines for K: prompt fic; prompt fic; portion of Rising Wolf [original, sequel to Beneath the Neon Moon]; original as K Bara; more?)
EDIT: Sept. 2016--we've missed our goals so far this year--life is hard:( We'll give it our best shot for our annual Yuletide exchange, though.

For 2015, we'll do another story in March somehow related to the Xmas 2014 stories we wrote (sequel, prequel, tie-in). In June another story in our same fandom. In September we'll switch fandoms with each other, so she'll have Batman: Under the Red Hood and I'll have Alias Smith and Jones.
March 9, Panic Day - (how appropriate)
June 8, Name Your Poison/Best Friends Day (So sad, no Dead Duck Day deadline for 2014. Some other year)
September 14, National Cream-Filled Donut Day (for personal reasons)
and Yule, of course. Which starts it all over again with new prompts chosen from our list.

Photo prompts for both of us:


From C for me to write:

prompts and fills )

From me for C to write:

prompts and fills )


Additional stories we've written for each other - no prompts

Read the stories )
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 You know, I did start writing a little in the latter part of the year. Definitely not thrilled with the low low word count, but! C and I came through for each other for our annual yuletide story exchange. I'm very happy (and relieved)--that one means a lot to me. We've been going for 5 years now.

(Currently we've got our a03 memberships locked down, restricted to people who are already members for personal reasons, but we'll probably be able to lift that before too long)

Here's C's story for me, her first time writing Wynonna Earp (syfy) based on my prompt. Read the labels if you need warnings, please.
Toxic to the Touch (Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday)
The prompt: Doc is gravely injured--to the point of death, if that were possible. Wynonna fucks him anyway. (Featuring a morally deficient Wynonna, taking what she wants.)

My story for C, and my first time writing Justified (FX). Again, read the labels if you need warnings.
A Soul's a Fair Trade (Raylan Givens/OMC)
The prompt: One of the (many) reasons that Raylan couldn't make peace with Arlo was because when he was fifteen, Arlo caught him in the middle of a blackberry patch with Garner Pruitt doing things he shouldn't have been doing with another boy. Garner is all grown up now with a grown up drug habit and he just traded Boyd a story about Raylan's past for a quick hit.

S&H noms

Sep. 18th, 2016 01:23 pm
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I started to post this at the end of my last post, but I want it to stand on its own.  I didn't expect or imagine the noms, but I appreciate them very, very much, S&H fandom. Wonderful surprise! I know I'm too dark for some of you, but evidently right for others. (Goldilocks, anyone?)

I guess I'm just working it all out. That's all:)
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I looked for something I'd posted before on LJ and instead read my older posts, taken in by the passing years.

Fandom's been important to me, off and on, since I was pre-teen. Only I didn't know to call it fandom. I didn't know about secretive fiction magazines and snail-mail exchanges and the like. I missed it, but am nonetheless glad of its existence, and that it grew. Then the internet came, and the separate legs of fandom kicked and struggled, sprung up new, grew or died. Maybe not died, exactly--the thing about fandoms is they can be revived years later--a DVD gets first release, new fans come online... I've not seen a fandom flourish once it's slowed, but the fans trickling in afterward add to the narrative.

Weren't we all told to get our head out of the TV at some point? As if the places our brains go to after having seen an inspiring TV show or movie, or after having read a book, isn't important. Keeping your imagination alive in the face of all the mundane bullshit in our ordinary lives is more than important. It's imperative.

Anything creative has to be important, isn't it? Stories we tell each other, things we've pieced together that come from inspiration of all kinds: art, folktales, fairytales, pop culture, all of it brightness that leads our brains to imagine so many paths and struggles and solutions and loves. Of course, stories and art come from other places, too--from surviving very bad things. We work it out on paper and screen and canvas.

Or it comes from both places, or other places. It's about our journeys.

People who don't get into fandom point at us, and they don't understand, but they can't make it unimportant.
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Snow day here, though the husband made it safely in to work - and I just sort of randomly thought of this:)

I think maybe mine is A Snake, a Blue Blazer and a Girl Once Lost for a Dark Blue story I wrote for Yuletide. Though WIld, Wild Zombieland is kinda catchy? (That was also for Yuletide - a story about Lonesome Dove and zombie cows)
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Post the first line of the last 20 fics posted, newest first.
saw this from smalltrolven and decided to give it a try. Cheer myself up after a terrible review of Beneath the Neon Moon at Audible, maybe:) These are in order posted, not necessarily written - I posted some older stories at a03.

 1.   He's a Queen's boy: an elite 00 agent. The Queen's Boy (James Bond)

 2.   From graves and charnel houses I selected only the finest, strongest bodies to build my creation. Unhallowed (Frankenstein)

 3.   Heyes got broody over certain things. Alias Jones and Smith (Alias Smith and Jones)

 4.   So tired, but sleep won't come. Always (Supernatural)

 5.   “So what’s the solution to this troublesome triangle we have here?” Kira asked, big eyes looking at one then the other. Life on Mars (Starsky & Hutch)

 6.   Alfred never left Bruce alone. What Hurts Most (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

 7.   I would give you songs, but for this black soul. Valentine's Day Poems (Supernatural)

 8.   I have a recurring dream that’s driving me goddamned crazy. Incubus (Starsky & Hutch)

 9.   Gillian's dead. Someday After Gillian (Starsky & Hutch)

10.  So cold. What Hurts More (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

11.  It was 3:00 AM when Dick spotted the motionless body on the street outside his apartment. Sometimes They Come Back (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

12. Once upon a time a young man named Samuel forgot who he was and where he came from, or how to get home. The Witch of the Woods (based on the fairytale of the same name by Helena Nyblom)

13. He was sixteen and on his own, his dad laid up drunk somewhere, anywhere, if he wasn't dead. Beneath the Neon Moon (original work)

14. People say you can't live on hatred. The Others (J2 x The Hunger)

15. His lungs felt heavy for days afterward, and he coughed a lot. Burke's Plan (Planet of the Apes TV series)

16. Her voice worms inside his mind, writhes and shreds until his skull is soft; swollen fruit just this side of rotten. Breathe or Die (From Dusk Till Dawn: the Series)

17. Afterward, the thing that saved him was that he had no fight left in him. If Mine Eyes Offend Thee (Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon; also The Dark Secret of Harvest Home - miniseries)

18. I died in Sumeria. Curses and Brown Suede Shirts (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys)

19. Dean's clothes were in rags, black and purple bruises over his skin, smears of dried blood swooping over his body like kite tails flipping on a high breeze. Like Always (Supernatural)

20. Here I am, imprisoned with this creature I have made. A Perfect Form (Illuminated) (Frankenstein: the True Story)

uh...looking at this, I see I've used "afterward" a couple of times as a hook to get a reader (hopefully) wondering "after what?" There's some short sentences there for punch until there's...not:)
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She gave me the double whammy this time - posted me an Avengers story and bonused me with the ASJ story I've been wanting her to send out into the world:)

The Alias Smith & Jones story I mentioned some time ago that Cass wrote for me. Now I can share!
You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Post "Something to Get Hung About", the boys separate and bad things happen.

She also posted me an Avengers story (movie related; Steve/Tony) that I love but am also quite frustrated with (you'll see why if you read it)
Tony yanked hard at the chains, producing noise but no useful result. He didn’t know how long he’d been hanging there, naked and blindfolded, but it felt like a long time. His arms and shoulders were aching and his calves were cramping. It was bad enough that he was hanging in the dark like a side of beef, but they'd also drugged him. They must have because he was hard and aching and completely unable to get any relief. As torture went, it was pretty damn effective.
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For mine and C's fiction exchange, I missed the Monday due date (National Cream-Filled Donut Day, ladies and gents). Butn I expect to finish the story today or tomorrow, knock on wood and the creeks don't rise, etc etc Now complete!

Warnings for torture and affectionate banter. That sounds weird, I know. One of the bad guys is very twisted and the other of the plain old small evil variety - makes for hard times for Heyes and Curry. At any rate, you can read the tags for warnings.

Alias Jones and Smith
13,200 words
Love to [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet, who is beyond amazing.
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It's dark and dirty as we ever get, be warned. But delicious! And in your face! Unapologetic! 4,858 words. Non-con. Dick Grayson/Jason Todd. Also appearing: Batman, Joker, Alfred



  • For kassidy. Here's the prompt she gave:

Nightwing/Jason Todd willingly, or under someone's nefarious influence;) Dubcon is good. Can also be threeway with Batman or Tim Drake.

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I posted about what I'd written for mine and C's prompt exchanges, and I wanted to mention that I got a really good story from [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet for the exchange. She worked really hard on my story though the juices weren't flowing. She finished it (I think soley to make me happy, which <3), but she LOATHES it.
I love it. Love it, love it. Love her, too. But she already knows that:)

Speaking of ASJ, I read verlaine's ASJ story she had posted at [livejournal.com profile] aliassmithjones - typical for Verlaine, it's hard-hitting and poignant - an outsider POV story about how Heyes and Curry ended up.

God, I have NO IDEA what to write for ASJ. But I'll figure out something by the time September rolls around:)

Health update: I'm on four shots a week, the rebif I talked about before and another one of methotrexate. Currently doing better than I have in over a year. Not saying I feel good most of the time (I wish!), but I have accomplished things, which makes me feel better about myself. And today I felt pretty damn good. Hope I have more days like it.
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the final story in the Sometimes They Come Back series/arc at A03 - (Jason Todd/Dick Grayson; explicit)
word count is around 8,500
written for my partner in crime, [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet

What Hurts Most by

Batman disappears off the streets of Gotham, Jason's lost his agenda, and Dick is...well, Dick.
Fandoms: Under the Red Hood, DCU (Animated), Batman - All Media Types, DCU

10 Jun 2015

the link to the whole series: Sometimes They Come Back (read the tags for warnings)

in September I should have a new Alias Smith & Jones story:) I'm looking forward to it. Love those guys!
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Hellooo, tagged by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laughablelament, a new friend: seven lines from the seventh page of my longest WIP. I'm going with Book II of Rising Wolf (sequel to Beneath the Neon Moon) because Book I was done some months ago--

Kane moved in close, wiry, smaller than Zach, eager grin on his face. He ducked his head into the curve between Zach's shoulder and neck and breathed in. "Ah, that's nice. I missed your scent, Zach. Well, not that I ever thought I'd get to smell it again, or see you, since, well, you should be dead."

"I really hope you're amusing yourself," Zach husked, letting a tremor come through his voice. He eased his hands from behind his back.

No pressure, my wonderful flisters, but I'd love to see what [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet (I know I can't see my gift fic, of course, but something else?), [livejournal.com profile] hardboiledbaby (and oh my GOD, I just realized I didn't wish you a happy birthday! Hope it was as incredible as you are!) [livejournal.com profile] loyseofverlaine, [livejournal.com profile] duluthgirl, [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k (I saw you POSTED on your story!! Let me see more;), [livejournal.com profile] blackrabbit42, and [livejournal.com profile] marianrose are up to:)
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So much for embracing nature, even from my wide, breezy porch. I sit down to write and a spider crawls up my side. DO NOT WANT.

Try again. Sit on the porch itself, turn around and see my cat after a lizard without a tail. Oh, wait, without a tail NOW - there's the tail, wiggling on the porch. I'm guarding the lizard while two dogs and a cat try to get to it.

The dog picks the wriggling tail up in its mouth, takes it off the porch. She's back in less than a minute, and ugh, we know where THAT went. She noses interestedly around me. Cat still trying to get past me. I build a barricade because I cannot bring myself to pick up the tailless lizard (it might, oh, WRIGGLE. Or wiggle, like a tailless thing. Or a severed tail).

Yeah, maybe I'll try this another day.

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I have no idea why I waited so long. I had a basic idea of what was to come in the sequel to Sometimes They Come Back (Batman: Under the Red Hood DCU animated; Jason Todd/Dick Grayson) but brain continued foggy. So I'm sitting with around 800 words on Sunday night, knowing our decided-upon posting date was Monday. So I wrote 3,000 words yesterday:) That's unheard of for me. I am so excited by that. Also tired. But I love that burst of intensity and am glad I was able to post on our agreed date, Panic Day 2015, which turned out to be so very appropriate for me. Though it was close to 9 pm when I managed it.

I know I probably have very few DCU flisters, but here's the link in case: What Hurts More

And my dear Cass! She's written me a sequel to her heartbreaking but wonderful Rendevous in a Bedroll for Alias Smith & Jones. This one is called Snowbound - lots of Heyes/Curry (hot!) loving AND Cass's usual bleakness and poignance. Then I get one more ASJ story from her for our June deadline (June 8, Name Your Poison/Best Friends Day). And in September we switch our fandoms and write another story for each other, so I'll write ASJ. Looking forward to it, and to reading her DCU.

If you do read our stories, while we don't have warnings we do have everything dark listed in our tags.
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I told myself if I finished 1,000 words today I'd post here, just jabber a bit. I actually didn't make 1,000 but I did 845 and am letting myself do it anyway:)

more about writing, perfume, comics, yahyah )
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For our annual yule exchange, C and I have posted our two stories. I filled her Batman: Under the Red Hood prompt and she filled my Alias Smith & Jones. They're both bleak, even for us.

Oh my God, I love those ASJ boys. I have to tell you, I am blown away by her story for me - the characterization is perfect. For both of the guys, while reading I had these utter 'aw' moments - if you know the chemistry between these guys, you'll know what I'm talking about. They were a perfect duo, and weirdly enough even when they were shouting at each other it was humorous, not hostile. The story has perfect characterization, warmth, longing and love tied up neatly within a ball of grief. I teared up, guys, and I just find myself waving my hands around and exclaiming how I love it. It's sad but so moving. Rendezvous in a Bedroll by [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet. (Heyes/Curry)

Mine is called Sometimes they Come Back, and it's all about the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, which C made me watch and which I love (and one of my kids as well - she's watched it with me several times). I do adore it. C is right, it's a fangirl paradise. The story is Dick Grayson/Jason Todd.
Bruce thinks Jason has crossed the line. He has no idea how far Jason will go. (Or: Jason has a backup plan.)

Remember what I said, though - we are dark people, and we love angst, and angsty love. Check the tags for each story if you need to know why.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today:)
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Summary: Written  for the October 2014 [livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema challenge, which mixes Supernatural characters/Supernatural RPF with cinema. This particular challenge offered prompts of movies released in the '80s. I claimed The Hunger, a 1983 vampire film with Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. Vampires were day walkers long before Twilight came around, nary a vampire fang was shown, and even the word vampire was never mentioned in the film. I couldn't resist trying to write for it, and it's been a while since I have felt that.
Word Count: Approximately 2,000 words
Rating:  Explicit


Read more... )
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Very pleased to have finished my [livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema story - I saw one of the movies prompted and couldn't resist, which is a thing made of awesomeness, because I can resist a lot lately (not necessarily a good thing - it's primarily because I feel unwell). The Hunger was one of my favorite movies in the 80s and I'm happy someone thought of prompting it.

AND I busted my SPN RPS cherry - I'm never all that interested in writing RPF though I read it. Honestly I only wrote the Js because Sam and Dean Winchester didn't fit in my version of the story, but I'm kind of pleased about it anyway.

I have a bit where Jensen wears a leather harness and I'm a little nervous that I referenced it wrong, or something about how I utilized it in the story is wrong somehow- I'm not really up on leather clothing and bondage and/or S&M gear. As a matter of fact I'm ignorant (as you can probably tell by how I described it!), but it felt right to put it in this scene.

In conclusion: happy I finished it, and looking forward to posting, which begins the last week of October. I finished with plenty of time, go me! (Except it COULD be me procrasting for tiresomely unknown and stubborn reasons with finishing like, 2,000-4,000 words in the final chapter of my first book of my original fiction story, in which case, not so go! me). But whatever.

PS: I have a neurologist that has prescribed in-home injections of Solu-Medrol - anybody have experience with it? A nurse is coming next week. I need something, but this shit makes me a little scared. I mean, it could really help - and I can take prednisone okay. and I have inhalers, so I'm not unfamiliar with stimulants. I guess I'll read whatever they sent me (just got the med delivery today) and see, but still. Anything resembling ephedrine is very very bad for me - makes me flip out, which makes me worry if other stimulants might do the same.
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A couple of years ago I started writing episode related shorts for the episodes (yeah, that 14 episode 70s show no one much remembers, but that I love - and what else is new;). I stopped writing them, but I guess all the talk about the new Planet of the Apes movie (which I haven't yet seen, so please don't spoil me?), I became interested again. Plus my old POTA site is really showing its age and I started working on updating it just a little. Anyway I wrote a new ep related story and posted it at a03, but its short enough to cut and paste it here.
Here's the first two:
Galen's Truth
Alan's Hope
and here's the third -

Burke's Plan

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