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I'm sitting here waiting for it to be time for Girls Night, and it occurs to me that my dear bestie made me a promise last week while we were doing Girls Night stuff: if I finish writing the three stories that come next in my Starsky and Hutch series, she will write S & H for me. I believe it was 15,000 words she said.

I'm not saying these things will come to pass any time soon, but I figure the deal should be recorded for posterity.

*smiles at kassidy62 * You thought I wouldn't remember, didn't you?

*sticks tongue out at C, because I'm mature*


May. 29th, 2013 06:05 pm
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My Beneath the Neon Moon sequel (kind of, sort of, starring Jared and Jensen, in that they've inspired the look and in some ways maybe the character of my made-up peoples) is starting to click along, thank God. Everything that's going on around here at home can really put the brakes on my writing, but school is out, Rachel is going to a three week sort of internship at the community college and my youngest is pretty quiet and lets me have some uninterrupted writing time ... it's working out. Hope the momentum keeps up.

Just basically, I am not able to sustain enthusiasm and cohesion for a writing project without uninterrupted time. In between Mom's health, mine, the kids school, sports, all the other usual household stuff and duties, I wasn't getting it. Now I am. AND IT IS FUN WORK. Plus I'm learning a new sort of writing to me, more of a novel-type narrative rather than something shorter that feels like it should always be POPPING or something. I can only hope I'm succeeding with it.

Anyway, I'm at 28,000 words now. I was estimating it at 50,000 total but I'm miserable at estimating, usually seriously underestimating. I wouldn't be surprised if it were quite a bit longer.

Did I ever tell you about the time I wanted to sub to an anthology that required a 10,000 word story? The first one I wrote for it was Beneath the Neon Moon. I think at the time it was about 15,000-18,000 words long (it ended up around 25,000 I think). So, no good. The 2nd attempt was, I'm guessing, around 20,000? By the time I fleshed it out AND tightened it it was around 36,000 or 37,000 words (The Vampire's Boy). And the 3rd was 30,000, ha ha ha, and the rough draft of it is STILL sitting on the hard drive from three years ago. The FAIL, IT BURNS. Oh, well. I'm happy anyway.

When you've been blocked, frustrated, out of inspiration or energy for so long, being able to say, hey, I've got 28,000 words on a project? It's so, so wonderful.

But hey, give me SPN inspiration and I can pack a lot into 1,000 words, I think. No really!
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ordinary every day repetition (dishes, work, laundry, shuttling people where they need to go, cooking, cleaning - defined, demanding, dry as dust) bleeds me every day, and I look for what has meaning to me, just me, and it's a struggle to remember. Then I see [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss' post and I go to check it out, and in the process revisit a couple of old vids I have loved (before I have to leave for work).

VIOLET by Hole is basically my whole youth and young adulthood screamed out in one song. It's still me at my tired and much older core. How I dealt back then was by doing it alone. i still do it alone, and in some ways that's fine, I can take care of myself and anyway I don't want to do it your way or giandujakiss' way, but... I remember all those things and all those times and how I learned to deal. Mostly just by getting through it all which actually, is pretty much an accomplishment, but still, this speaks to me so much. I feel (am) older and tired and I don't like it, I'm not embracing it (hope some of you will, that you find the way), but I want to say, you who are younger flist members, who wonder about older women in fandom - this doesn't go away, a lot of that baggage stuff you carry (also those dreams and wants you hold close and think belongs to you, not those weirdo older fannish women [who maybe got some of what they wanted but always dream of more and isn't that the way of it]... but maybe you're not like that and maybe that's for another day).

Anyway - here it is, talked about, viewed and KNOWN:

WOMEN'S WORK by Luminosity and Sisabet

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