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In an effort to resist unpleasant realities all around me- defy them if you will - and ignore all real life stuffs to the point of insanity, I have reworked all my sites except my author site which isn't bad (though it could stand some umpfh, so to speak, but I have no heart for it until I actually write some more).

Working on the sites took me weeks while I ignored family and home. I'm no webmistress, I'm not all that bright with html and really resist learning more for some reason, apparently I'd rather struggle with the unknown (aka why the fuck does that line of text do the opposite of what I want it to do? And why is the placement of that photo excessively completely wonky? and the like). They were old sites and had dead links - and though I was full of enthusiasm for them when I put them together they weren't always the most attractive things (except for Sonja's contributions, they were gorgeous as always).

Now they are all pretty. I am telling you. Though a couple are more like web *pages* instead of sites, but whatever.

Dante's Cove
Alias Smith and Jones
Starsky & Hutch gen
Starsky & Hutch slash
Planet of the Apes (massive website for a 14 episode TV series, but hey, downloads - audios of records! And comics! My childhood shit. My now shit. The POTA fanboys gave me a lot to upload, and I have quite a lot of stuff as well).

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