Feb. 2nd, 2014 03:49 pm
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C and I went through quite a few vids last night. First, here's a link to the master list at LJ

Here's the ones we really enjoyed:

(RPF) Hugh Jackman - Gorgeous
Hugh Jackman is hard to resist (and why would you? We didn't). I was wincing a bit, like a tiny little embarrassment squick - but as the title of the vid says, he's gorgeous and charming. It's just, he *wiggles* (heh) and stuff. A quirky, cool little vid.

for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Tik Tik Tok Tok
Snappy, catchy, RDJ in all his glory

(RPF) Martin & Lewis - What I Like About You
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - nose to nose, licking, leaping, breathing each other's air. This is fucking cute, one of those vids that make you grin:)

The Losers - Cuz I Can
Is there anyone you can't ship in this movie? Pretty, charismatic people and lots of action

Interview With the Vampire - Trouble
Louis/Lestat - I was always pleasantly surprised by Tom Cruise's vampy, arrogant interpretation of Lestat (I thought he'd be just awful in the role). Now, these actors aren't who I imagine when I think of Louis and Lestat, admittedly, but nevertheless, Louis' angst and Lestat's predatory interest in him makes a nice case for the ship here. Really enjoyed it.

There are others I enjoyed as well, for various reasons - the Prince vid, the Bride of Chucky vid, Vikings vid, another of the Interview With the Vampire vids - and I haven't seen all the vids as of yet.

I love Festivids! And thank you, vidders and folks who've put this together, for a fest I look forward to every single year:)

P.S. - while I'm at it, a non-Festivids vid rec - Bagira's Vampire Party features clips from vampire movies and some awesomely suited music. Lots of gore, and if I can mention something really picky - the first part, to me, goes on a tad too long, but screw it. It's seriously excellent. I can only wish to make vids like this. The more I play it, the more I enjoy it.
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I've only looked at 4 so far and think I'm in love with TWO. Jesus. So MUCH to explore! Oh Jeez, there's Cleopatra 2525! More Maru! More of the Charlie's Angels movies, Cat People, Falling Skies, Charlie's Angels! Can't wait!  (re: Charlie's Angels - disliked the one movie I saw, but but they make for such kinetic vids!)

Yeah, C and I will be previewing these tonight for sure, after I get through with Kassy's indoor soccer game:)
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I've explained my vidding tastes before but it bears mentioning again - I'm the person who can't get through too many slow songs, who needs lights and motion and loud noise, like an infant (except for horizon26's vids because I cannot resist them - her clips are gorgeous, both how they're rendered and her evocative choices. But that's another post). So I go for fast cuts, lots of action, some humor. And here's what I've loved so far (and I haven't gotten through a quarter of them yet). But first you need to go here to see them for yourself!

My cheese, let me show you it - happy happy vid celebrating the squeezy cheesiness of the Bionic Woman. See her leap! Listen to the sound effects! Ear close-up, anyone? The music is perfect. Jamie is da bomb, that is all. I grew up with this, guys.

Cemetery Man - I don't like Kesha. I don't know Cemetery Man. It doesn't matter. It moves. There is skull-splitting happiness. (And: I love how a good vid can sometime actually make me like a song better).

Cursed - I don't know this fandom either, but I know Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and kitschy cheesy werewolves are things of the good. Especially weres that shoot you the bird.

for the love of all things holy, there is THIS VID - Maru the Cat. The title card alone, or whatever it's called, is adorable, but the whole thing's just hugely adorable. Perfect perfect song. Scrabbling paws! Rolling! Stalking! It's all here.

Not a fan of Quantum Leap. I'm so much a fan of this Quantum Leap vid, bigtime. The Major Tom song is perfect - soaring music, soaring shots, the possibilities of leaping, the sadness of how it ended. Yes.

Resident evil vid - discordance, female badassery, nonstop action.What's not to love?

Scott Pilgrim - checked it out because my daughter loves this movie, and I'm glad I did. Blam! Krow! and rock on.
Plus I'm not likely to ignore a vid called "Friendship and Courage and Whatever."

I'm definitely not done checking these out. I love festivids. It's the audio-visual sister to Yuletide.

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