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Rachel put together her first vid, a year ago or so - she gathered the clips off youtube. She's just turned 17 now, hard to believe, but when she made it she was 15 or 16. I've pretty much let my girls watch what they want for years now, judging them to be fairly thoughtful, critical persons with a clear grasp of reality vs.story-telling, and both of them are Dexter fans.

The vid is divided up into two parts - the first features a happy Dexter with a family life when Rita was still alive. This part of the vid is sweet and slow moving. Then it seques into another song ("Animal I Have Become") and throws in lots of violence. The vid is long and somewhat repetitive, like a lot of first-time efforts (or 2nd, 3rd, etc), but let me tell you this - the end of this vid literally gives me more chills, makes me feel a horrified pity and just moves me more than any other vid I've seen. I think that's amazing, that Rachel was able to accomplish that with a first vid.

The combo she hit on there at the end - young Dexter mixed in with scenes of Dexter as a grown-up - they're difficult scenes, a bit hard to watch and listen to. I need to upload this and show you!

Just keep in mind - there's LOTS of gore in it. Rae's dark, like her Mom;)

I uploaded it to vimeo, it should be ready shortly for those who are interested.

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