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Very pleased to have finished my [livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema story - I saw one of the movies prompted and couldn't resist, which is a thing made of awesomeness, because I can resist a lot lately (not necessarily a good thing - it's primarily because I feel unwell). The Hunger was one of my favorite movies in the 80s and I'm happy someone thought of prompting it.

AND I busted my SPN RPS cherry - I'm never all that interested in writing RPF though I read it. Honestly I only wrote the Js because Sam and Dean Winchester didn't fit in my version of the story, but I'm kind of pleased about it anyway.

I have a bit where Jensen wears a leather harness and I'm a little nervous that I referenced it wrong, or something about how I utilized it in the story is wrong somehow- I'm not really up on leather clothing and bondage and/or S&M gear. As a matter of fact I'm ignorant (as you can probably tell by how I described it!), but it felt right to put it in this scene.

In conclusion: happy I finished it, and looking forward to posting, which begins the last week of October. I finished with plenty of time, go me! (Except it COULD be me procrasting for tiresomely unknown and stubborn reasons with finishing like, 2,000-4,000 words in the final chapter of my first book of my original fiction story, in which case, not so go! me). But whatever.

PS: I have a neurologist that has prescribed in-home injections of Solu-Medrol - anybody have experience with it? A nurse is coming next week. I need something, but this shit makes me a little scared. I mean, it could really help - and I can take prednisone okay. and I have inhalers, so I'm not unfamiliar with stimulants. I guess I'll read whatever they sent me (just got the med delivery today) and see, but still. Anything resembling ephedrine is very very bad for me - makes me flip out, which makes me worry if other stimulants might do the same.
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It's that time of year again, and I almost wish it'd happen more than once a year so I'd get more gift stories (is greedy). This year my lovely [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet wrote me a story based on the Salem's Lot miniseries from 1979, with David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin and Bonnie Bedelia. God, I loved that miniseries (and David Soul, always, naturally).

The story is called "Taking the Yoke," and is as bleak as I have come to expect from my dark-hearted C:) I really loved it - it retains this whole stripped, lonely view of the characters from the end of the movie, and even the cadence of the one person they speak to, on the side of the vampires, sounds right - a bit old-world, like Straker himself.

The prompt I gave her (a bit of a run-on, yo): Salem's Lot the movie - after it's over, and Ben's killed Susan the vampire, and Ben and Mark are running - what might happen, how will Ben deal with/save Mark when vampires grab Mark and use him for bait to get Ben to come to them?

This also gives me the opportunity to post a couple of caps from the movie I'd made years ago - (oh, DAVID):

Mark and Ben from Salem's Lot... )

I wrote a story for C, also based on a 1970s miniseries (who knew - we think alike), The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, which is based on Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon. It's called "If Mine Eyes Offend Thee."

Happy Holidays!
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"Put your arms around me please, I want to kiss you. Say that you forgive me for letting him love me. We can both love him, my darling."

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I still say Skarsgard looks inbred.
edit: check out the Skars vid, scroll down (THANKS, Cass. I will never forget it, blerg)

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