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The guys from the Dusk Till Dawn series remind me of the Winchester boys and I love them, PARTICULARLY after a crazy action-soaked season finale producing ALL THE BROTHER FEELS (and Santanico feels). [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet, she who writes with a blood soaked brutal hammer in one hand, wrote me an amazing story, indulging me in my prompt:
AU, S1 and S2 (timeline mangled). At this point we only know Richie's off his rocker, seeing and hearing things.
Seth's a junkie. The stress of trying to handle Richie's weirdness and visions and keep him from exploding has left Seth with a very large monkey on his back.
Richie comes back to their hotel room and finds Seth blissed to the max, stretched out on the bed and unable to help himself. He stands over Seth's prone body, the visions/voice urging him to finally, finally touch Seth like he's wanted since forever.
And after all, the voice tells him, oh so low and sweet--if his brother doesn't like it, Richie could always just kill him and dig out his eyeballs.


An AU in which something much older and more powerful than Santanico finds Richie first.

Happy Halloween to all! Watching Salem's Lot and it is as atmospheric as I remembered. And of course David Soul is always a mega-bonus!
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It's that time of year again, and I almost wish it'd happen more than once a year so I'd get more gift stories (is greedy). This year my lovely [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet wrote me a story based on the Salem's Lot miniseries from 1979, with David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin and Bonnie Bedelia. God, I loved that miniseries (and David Soul, always, naturally).

The story is called "Taking the Yoke," and is as bleak as I have come to expect from my dark-hearted C:) I really loved it - it retains this whole stripped, lonely view of the characters from the end of the movie, and even the cadence of the one person they speak to, on the side of the vampires, sounds right - a bit old-world, like Straker himself.

The prompt I gave her (a bit of a run-on, yo): Salem's Lot the movie - after it's over, and Ben's killed Susan the vampire, and Ben and Mark are running - what might happen, how will Ben deal with/save Mark when vampires grab Mark and use him for bait to get Ben to come to them?

This also gives me the opportunity to post a couple of caps from the movie I'd made years ago - (oh, DAVID):

Mark and Ben from Salem's Lot... )

I wrote a story for C, also based on a 1970s miniseries (who knew - we think alike), The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, which is based on Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon. It's called "If Mine Eyes Offend Thee."

Happy Holidays!
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As I told you guys before, I was so delighted to be gifted with several lovely stories. And one of you, my friends, (eying you all closely) knew me before Yuletide - because I was gifted a story for a fandom I didn't ask for but love so much! I can't tell you how happy I was to see it.

Planet of the Apes, the tv series, all 14 episodes of it (there's a new comm for it here) - yes, Pete, Burke, Galen, Urko. I started a recent rewatch and the characterization and chemistry between the actors holds up well, which is what tends to make me fannish over shows. This was my first fandom before I knew the word fandom, fannish, or fan fiction. I thought I was all alone in these bizarre tendencies to fixate over shows, and was heartbroken when it was cancelled. The episode that made my little heart pound loudly was "The Interrogation" - Pete's subjected to torture by the apes to get him to spill information on the humans who helped our fugitive trio since they began running. I wrote a story with that in mind years later, too - it just wouldn't leave my psyche, apparently:) So I was gifted a story this year in the fandom! Now, I've been getting some new stories in the fandom after an arid patch - [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k has taken to it again with some wonderful results, but this was totally unexpected!

Cry Over Me looks at the death of the 3rd astronaut in the pilot episode. Poor Jonesy finally gets his proper due. There's also the interesting dynamic of Galen and Pete's new relationship - it actually takes a more realistic view of two characters who are in trouble and who've only just met - there's some initial friction.

The rest of my gifts are fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, all of them. It's what I asked for:) I've always loved fairy tales - the more gruesome, the better. None of that Disney stuff. To this day, they reflect some very old, real terrors that are just as powerful now as they ever were. Little Red Riding Hood is loaded with issues relating to women, and depending on the version you read, can make you want to slap someone or cheer. Plus the nasty/wrong things, which as you well know fascinates me.

I received four stories for LRRH, and not a one of them with a happy ending, which makes ME happy. And another thing - I LOVE how writers can still continue to rewrite this, finding all the different forms it can take and still make it original to them.

summary: They did not question that there had been a wolf. There were blood and bodies. Surely that was proof enough.

a poem! If someone close to Red Riding Hood is a monster, does that make LRRH a monster as well? Best line for me because I love the flow of it (I was going to quote more but my favorite section is very spoilery for the author's version, but I can't help but quote this one):

I'll hide my beast-face 'neath my girl-skin--

Isn't that wonderful?

Later, Tater
summary: On the Internet, no one knows you're a wolf...

and check out the warnings;) - Warning for moderately bad language, sexual themes, general darkness, an abundance of txt spk, and casual mention of Jim Carrey mpreg

the mention of Jim Carrey almost did me in - that rubber-faced weirdness is scarier than the clown from It (Tim Curry)! This story combines social networking and LIttle Red Riding Hood, which I love. The faceless aspect is the scariest, and really relevant.

Blood Red
summary: She pauses at the edge of the woods, but only to check her weapons.

Isn't that an amazing summary? It's not exactly a total horror ending, but it's Red Riding Hood, taking care of herself - always awesome.

That Black Forest
summary: Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly, for I've four and twenty blackbirds, all baked in a pie.

Grandma to the fore here, and reminding me of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Red is never mentioned, but there is an inference that I like a lot:)

In conclusion: bloody bestial happy Yule to me. Thank you so much, you talented authors:))))
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for[livejournal.com profile] igbc and [livejournal.com profile] peg22, who probably won't even see it, but who saw it long ago and liked it:) I also posted it up at A03.

Read more... )


WIP meme

Feb. 28th, 2010 10:25 pm
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Post a sentence (or two or a paragraph, whatever) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached. Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] lustmordred

see me use some fandom names for my characters:) - though two in fact really ARE those characters, being a fan fiction story

"This? You want this, then?" the vampire asked, and slid his hand over him again, gripping tight. Jared throbbed in his hold, and the vampire smiled. "You want to come, don’t you?” The vampire bent and touched his tongue to Jared. Jared’s cock burned sharp, like frostbite gone deep but not yet numbed. He shook on the edge of orgasm.

“What do you want?” Jared gasped.

“I don’t know yet,” the vampire said. “I know I want this.”


That same afternoon the landlord came to tell him his dad was dead—shot right outside of the Lobster Bar. Nobody knew exactly why—the local who’d killed him was so drunk he barely remembered getting into the argument to begin with. The cops had come to the house twice to tell him the news, but nobody ever answered the door. The landlord figured Zach had already skipped out. He was awful sorry, but he had to have the rent. He couldn’t afford to run a charity. Couldn’t be helped.

That’s how Zach came to be introduced to sex—legs weak and trembling, heart numb and scared out of his mind while the landlord bent him over the couch and took it out in pay. Even though it hurt like hell he didn’t cry, not until later that evening when he walked to the bar where his dad died. He stood under the glow of the red neon lobster on the sign above and sobbed until he felt hollow and more alone than he’d ever felt in his life.


Seth rammed his mouth over Xander’s and kissed him. He wrapped a hand around his jaw to hold him still, fisted his other hand into his hair and held him immobile, Xander’s body wired and trembling against his. Seth’s mouth moved over Xander’s slowly and just as slowly let him go. Seth breathed into the side of his face, “It’s too late. You want me to leave you here but I can’t, I can’t.”

Xander turned his head away, jaw tense. A tear ran down his face and when Seth tried to kiss him he jerked away. “We don’t have any clothes on and they’re watching us. Fuck. Look at them,” Xander said, breathing out heavily. He laughed, and then his breath caught in his chest and he sobbed. “I’m so tired of all this.” His face smoothed as he stared out at them. He reared up, pulling against the two men holding his arms. “You getting off on us, you fucking asshole perverts?”


Something’s wrong. He’s wrong. Why is he here?

Rachel’s heart lurched. She ran to Juliana. Eric’s head whipped around. His pallor was pronounced and his lips reddened as if wind-burned. He smiled. His teeth were very white. His eyes were light, clear glass, utterly without feeling. She couldn’t look away. A voice spoke in her head. It wasn’t hers.

You’re mine.

Rachel shuddered. The birds flew up in an explosion of clapping, whirring wings, and suddenly she could move. She held out a hand to Juliana, willing it not to shake. “Time to go.” Juliana looked through her at something only she could see.


“I didn’t want to come the last time you called for help, back at the lake house,” Lund said, his face twisted with anger and maybe a sliver of horror, self-revulsion at what he was doing. “I wasn’t going to come. Bracke did and he’s dead. There’s no one to help you now. As long as you’re here, people keep dying.”

“If he’s a monster, what are you?” Clay tried to say. He opened his mouth, but of course he had no voice. Couldn’t talk without air. He didn’t even know who he was talking about, Tom or Jason.

Lund pushed him underwater again.

He wasn’t going to try to breathe. He wasn’t. It hurt, his lungs hurt. His eyes were open, the water pressing cool against them, greenish, particles floating before him.

Don’t breathe. No air no air no air.
  His chest was so heavy. Black spots gathered, more of them every second, the green water fading behind them.

He wanted to see Tom. Remembered his face, what he looked like trying to tamp down all his feelings, as if Clay would laugh in the face of them, or maybe as if he had to keep them from Clay because they were something that might hurt him. Hurt them both.


In the early spring the trilliums and the fire pinks, the brown jugs and the jack-in-the-pulpits stretched toward the sun, blooming on the forest floor beneath the leafless trees. The cool spring winds swept down the mountain and away to the wide-open world beyond graduation, only three months away.

The winds reached into Samuel and dug in, loosed strange, disorienting dreams of black skies and blood-red clouds, spring storms and sharp teeth. Brought sullen headaches that refused to go away and made it hard to study. He put it down to the pressures of deciding what to do after school, where to go to college, and told no one of his dreams.

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