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Pretty much a place-holder, really, but here if anyone wants to know. I'm lamia over there:)

Made some nominations, primarily for art, for the Starsky & Hutch Marion Kelly awards.Loved checking out favorites, old and new, and discovered a few more. I'm looking forward to reading some of the nominated fiction, too, and am interested in checking out the new authors.

Also loved the SPN bloopers, and love them even more every time I watch ANY other show's bloopers. The cast is just seemingly so at ease and looks like they're having lots of fun. I downloaded these from youtube via http://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter
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 I hardly ever post because words are mysteriously wiped from my brain when I try! So, I posted at LJ and I'll post here, too, because what I love about fandom? Is always, always, the fiction and the vids and art - the MEDIA we create (not so much the wank, but that's another story).

Vidding - I was never very good at it, had nothing close to technical proficiency, but I had FEELINGS, you know. I think two or three of them move fast enough or have enough humor or are short enough to still be fun. The rest? I repeat - I had feelings. Some are pretty bad.

My favorites, the ones I can still watch, anyway, are Mighty Fine, Supernova (NSFW), and Drive My Car. I have much nostalgia, too, for Valley of the Shadow and the Alias Smith and Jones vid. The rest, eh, I'm not sure why I kept them. Very slow or too long. But it's part of my fannish history, and I put them all on A03 (I love how easy it was to do that).

They are here.

The story is from a prompt my pal gave me in 2010 - it was supposed to help me have FUN. Fun is not a thing I do all that easily nowadays, but I managed it, yeah, three years later. Fannish space will always make me happy. It's so important to me. Anyway, it's a Hercules: the Legendary Journeys story. I didn't rewatch or anything and it's been a while, but it is porn, and it was fun. I am a little bothered because I want Iolaus' voice to sound more like Iolaus, but I'm gonna leave it be. Because I had fun:)

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