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Cass and I watched this because Amazon recommmended it to her - it's a silly, sweet, simple yet heartfelt movie. Narrated by Boy George about pretty boys who are wolves and as such as not accepted into normal society.

The Wolves of Kromer (1998 movie) - clips at youtube - I don't think the whole movie is up?

or if you have Amazon Prime it's free
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It's just easier not to post, and people get busy, but I figure since I still check in on the flist daily I should maybe contribute some words as well.

My flist has certainly gotten quieter. I remember when I could not keep up! Primarily that was the SPN fandom - my S&H friends were never that loud on LJ. S&H for me was a yahoo groups thing, though the [livejournal.com profile] starsky_hutch LJ comm helped me migrate here.

I also remember the frustration of trying to download ALL THOSE SPN stories, and clicking what occasionally amounted to a ridiculous number of entries and continued entries to get at a whole verse. Do you know I used to copy/paste stories in MS word and save them as docs? I bet more than a few of us did. I mean, I have tons of stories still on my computer in doc format. So much work! I tried to keep up, which was impossible really.

Before LJ, I was immersed in S&H stories, and by God I PRINTED those out. Still have a bookshelf full of the printouts, and then another shelf of the printed zines (including my own two) in my bedroom.

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Unrelated, but: SPN's Jeremy Carver is such a disappointing shower runner for me. I was afraid of him after I couldn't for the life of me keep interest in the last show he ran (Being Human), though I loved the original British version (first three seasons, anyway). Sucks because of gems like SPN Christmas ep and the like. He still can write some killer episodes on occasion (I loved S8 ender ep). So anyway, when I get an episode I really enjoy as opposed to it being merely watchable, it makes me happy. I enjoyed, so much, the Sam POV we got last episodes in "Book of the Damned" and "The Werther Project." I like how Sam and Dean have been really together and in the lovely, unhealthily codependent relationship I know and love.

Oh, story rec: The Outlaw Torn by LaughableLament. Old school first-time with plenty of UST until it's, well, resolved:) Expertly written in my opinion, classic in all the best ways of good Wincest fiction. Killer Dean voice, Sammy the irrestible tease and always, always, the clever, irritating little brother.

Another thing: I looked forward with great anticipation to the premiere of Orphan Black, a thing that was handily trashed when my phobia regarding eyes/eye damage sent me into a panicked fit. Made me pretty sick and upset that day. I try to avoid seeing that stuff, but that shit don't come with warnings.
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Whew, plenty of rambling! I guess I posted then, yeah?
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The feeling of it is reminds me of the episode with Mark Pellegrino in it, Hello, Cruel World (7.02) only worse. There is no rest for Sam here, nor any peace.

It's a River (But Not in Egypt)

Author: [livejournal.com profile] minviendha
Prompt: Here at [info]ohsam: Lucifer has something to say about Sam's newfound "I'm good, really! That 180 years in Hell? I'm pretty much over it" state of mind.
Summary: He's still a liar. Maybe always has been.
So Lucifer is an in-canon hurt!Sam writer, yes? And that is why I keep needing to put him in everything I write, fuuuck. Hence why this prompt had to be mine, and I'm super excited about it. Title is a reference to a quote. Yep.
Warnings: imagery of torture/violence.

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Title: If Thine Eye Offend Thee by [livejournal.com profile] twoskeletons 
Characters: Sam/Dean, Castiel, Ruby
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3900
Summary: If Dean deserves to be saved, maybe Sam does too. Set during the time period from 4x01 through 4x07.

If you ever wanted insightful, beautifully executed Sam POV from S4, this is it - complex, hopeful, determined, and heartbreaking.

You know how it was hard, sometimes, to see SamandDean during S4? Not so here.

Sam doesn't believe in the calm before the storm. His life has been one endless storm, and Dean is both the lightning and the flood.

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New to Yuletide this year, and I haven't yet been able to read many stories so far, but I want to get in the few I have been able to read - otherwise I'll end up not doing it at all, and the writers of our small (or obscure) fandoms deserve much better treatment than that, right? :)

first, written for me: Absence of Fear, Alias Smith and Jones, Heyes/Curry explicit - "Heyes realized that when he got really, really mad, Kid didn't seem to be afraid of him at all" - and it makes him feel irritable and insignificant. But then when something happens and Curry seems to fear him after all, there's nothing he wants less. Sensitive subject matter, a lot of love in the end:)

also written for me: Ask for Anything - Long Walk, Stephen King
The Long Walk's about 100 teenage boys in the competition of their life, and it all boils down to the last one walking wins, simple as that. The rest are killed. The Long Walk tells their story.
Here's the thing: I hadn't really thought much about Scramm's (one of the walkers) wife - we never met her, we just heard of her. Yet the author makes her come alive. She's young and pregnant, her husband's dead and the guy who made it through and won wants to talk to her. She's grieving, she's afraid, and yet when she sees the winner of the Walk, Ray Garraty, she listens to him and feels compassion for him. And Ray himself is such a tragedy. The Walk HAS no real winners - in fact, the winner may be the real loser.

and these:
Beside My Lonely Fires - Blood Ties, Henry Fitzroy/Mike Celluci, explicit - how many stories have you read delve into leather bars AND the existential anguish of an immortal watching his loved ones die;) Both are touched on. Loved reading of Henry and Mike's interaction. 

Great and More Fortunate Things - Sparactus: Blood and Sand - neat, in character Naevia's POV as she comforts Crixus' in his recovery and keeps a terrible secret. Bonus Pietros. Love the ending. It just makes sense.

The Road to Villa Mercedes
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, explicit. Etta and Sundance and Butch, just some threesome fun:)
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People think they get it, Bobby's you think I don't miss Sam either, even Lisa and her my sister and I are close too, but it's like someone standing on the edge of the ocean and calling it a lake. What they think they see doesn't even begin to approach the reality, the whole paradigm of the goddamned universe, and maybe it's twisted and sick and unhealthy but fuck it. The love and the lies and the sacrifices, it's sewing up your brother with your hands in his flesh, it's hating one another because you love him so goddamned much it's like dying in slow motion.

I'm too sleepy to be coherent, but They Said It Was the Fall of Man by [livejournal.com profile] hadesphoenix  is satisfying, thoughtful, and brings back the brotherly connection. Just beautiful.

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