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 You know, I did start writing a little in the latter part of the year. Definitely not thrilled with the low low word count, but! C and I came through for each other for our annual yuletide story exchange. I'm very happy (and relieved)--that one means a lot to me. We've been going for 5 years now.

(Currently we've got our a03 memberships locked down, restricted to people who are already members for personal reasons, but we'll probably be able to lift that before too long)

Here's C's story for me, her first time writing Wynonna Earp (syfy) based on my prompt. Read the labels if you need warnings, please.
Toxic to the Touch (Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday)
The prompt: Doc is gravely injured--to the point of death, if that were possible. Wynonna fucks him anyway. (Featuring a morally deficient Wynonna, taking what she wants.)

My story for C, and my first time writing Justified (FX). Again, read the labels if you need warnings.
A Soul's a Fair Trade (Raylan Givens/OMC)
The prompt: One of the (many) reasons that Raylan couldn't make peace with Arlo was because when he was fifteen, Arlo caught him in the middle of a blackberry patch with Garner Pruitt doing things he shouldn't have been doing with another boy. Garner is all grown up now with a grown up drug habit and he just traded Boyd a story about Raylan's past for a quick hit.
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An actor over at acx is reading my "Beneath the Neon Moon" book for an audio production. And I? Am a preteen. As I just wrote [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet, "omg, i just giggled wildly out loud at 12 am in the kitchen because he read 'precome' - fucking help me Obiwan"

It's not him, it's me, and that's the truth. He seems a lovely fellow, but I am having trouble having an actor read my stuff--embarrassed to bits, positively squirming at times to listen through the chapters. I wrote this for God's sake! I know what's coming. He gets the romanticism and warmth growing between the characters in the midst of their fear, and I'm glad he does, but I'm spending a lot of my time clinging to a wall or hiding my head or or--

it reminds me of once when a guy friend had me read his attempt at writing sex. Not bad at all, but I still had my hand over my mouth reading it, and I managed a coherent response, nay, a mature response, but inside? I remember I once LEFT THE ROOM in the middle of composing my email back to him. I had to have a break from writing an email because I was squirming inside. Wtf?
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I posted about what I'd written for mine and C's prompt exchanges, and I wanted to mention that I got a really good story from [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet for the exchange. She worked really hard on my story though the juices weren't flowing. She finished it (I think soley to make me happy, which <3), but she LOATHES it.
I love it. Love it, love it. Love her, too. But she already knows that:)

Speaking of ASJ, I read verlaine's ASJ story she had posted at [livejournal.com profile] aliassmithjones - typical for Verlaine, it's hard-hitting and poignant - an outsider POV story about how Heyes and Curry ended up.

God, I have NO IDEA what to write for ASJ. But I'll figure out something by the time September rolls around:)

Health update: I'm on four shots a week, the rebif I talked about before and another one of methotrexate. Currently doing better than I have in over a year. Not saying I feel good most of the time (I wish!), but I have accomplished things, which makes me feel better about myself. And today I felt pretty damn good. Hope I have more days like it.
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So much for embracing nature, even from my wide, breezy porch. I sit down to write and a spider crawls up my side. DO NOT WANT.

Try again. Sit on the porch itself, turn around and see my cat after a lizard without a tail. Oh, wait, without a tail NOW - there's the tail, wiggling on the porch. I'm guarding the lizard while two dogs and a cat try to get to it.

The dog picks the wriggling tail up in its mouth, takes it off the porch. She's back in less than a minute, and ugh, we know where THAT went. She noses interestedly around me. Cat still trying to get past me. I build a barricade because I cannot bring myself to pick up the tailless lizard (it might, oh, WRIGGLE. Or wiggle, like a tailless thing. Or a severed tail).

Yeah, maybe I'll try this another day.

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Note the snarky comment bottom right
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It's just easier not to post, and people get busy, but I figure since I still check in on the flist daily I should maybe contribute some words as well.

My flist has certainly gotten quieter. I remember when I could not keep up! Primarily that was the SPN fandom - my S&H friends were never that loud on LJ. S&H for me was a yahoo groups thing, though the [livejournal.com profile] starsky_hutch LJ comm helped me migrate here.

I also remember the frustration of trying to download ALL THOSE SPN stories, and clicking what occasionally amounted to a ridiculous number of entries and continued entries to get at a whole verse. Do you know I used to copy/paste stories in MS word and save them as docs? I bet more than a few of us did. I mean, I have tons of stories still on my computer in doc format. So much work! I tried to keep up, which was impossible really.

Before LJ, I was immersed in S&H stories, and by God I PRINTED those out. Still have a bookshelf full of the printouts, and then another shelf of the printed zines (including my own two) in my bedroom.

Read more... )

Unrelated, but: SPN's Jeremy Carver is such a disappointing shower runner for me. I was afraid of him after I couldn't for the life of me keep interest in the last show he ran (Being Human), though I loved the original British version (first three seasons, anyway). Sucks because of gems like SPN Christmas ep and the like. He still can write some killer episodes on occasion (I loved S8 ender ep). So anyway, when I get an episode I really enjoy as opposed to it being merely watchable, it makes me happy. I enjoyed, so much, the Sam POV we got last episodes in "Book of the Damned" and "The Werther Project." I like how Sam and Dean have been really together and in the lovely, unhealthily codependent relationship I know and love.

Oh, story rec: The Outlaw Torn by LaughableLament. Old school first-time with plenty of UST until it's, well, resolved:) Expertly written in my opinion, classic in all the best ways of good Wincest fiction. Killer Dean voice, Sammy the irrestible tease and always, always, the clever, irritating little brother.

Another thing: I looked forward with great anticipation to the premiere of Orphan Black, a thing that was handily trashed when my phobia regarding eyes/eye damage sent me into a panicked fit. Made me pretty sick and upset that day. I try to avoid seeing that stuff, but that shit don't come with warnings.
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Whew, plenty of rambling! I guess I posted then, yeah?
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I told myself if I finished 1,000 words today I'd post here, just jabber a bit. I actually didn't make 1,000 but I did 845 and am letting myself do it anyway:)

more about writing, perfume, comics, yahyah )
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Very pleased to have finished my [livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema story - I saw one of the movies prompted and couldn't resist, which is a thing made of awesomeness, because I can resist a lot lately (not necessarily a good thing - it's primarily because I feel unwell). The Hunger was one of my favorite movies in the 80s and I'm happy someone thought of prompting it.

AND I busted my SPN RPS cherry - I'm never all that interested in writing RPF though I read it. Honestly I only wrote the Js because Sam and Dean Winchester didn't fit in my version of the story, but I'm kind of pleased about it anyway.

I have a bit where Jensen wears a leather harness and I'm a little nervous that I referenced it wrong, or something about how I utilized it in the story is wrong somehow- I'm not really up on leather clothing and bondage and/or S&M gear. As a matter of fact I'm ignorant (as you can probably tell by how I described it!), but it felt right to put it in this scene.

In conclusion: happy I finished it, and looking forward to posting, which begins the last week of October. I finished with plenty of time, go me! (Except it COULD be me procrasting for tiresomely unknown and stubborn reasons with finishing like, 2,000-4,000 words in the final chapter of my first book of my original fiction story, in which case, not so go! me). But whatever.

PS: I have a neurologist that has prescribed in-home injections of Solu-Medrol - anybody have experience with it? A nurse is coming next week. I need something, but this shit makes me a little scared. I mean, it could really help - and I can take prednisone okay. and I have inhalers, so I'm not unfamiliar with stimulants. I guess I'll read whatever they sent me (just got the med delivery today) and see, but still. Anything resembling ephedrine is very very bad for me - makes me flip out, which makes me worry if other stimulants might do the same.
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Costco has Kirkland Allertec, which contains the active ingredient for Zyrtec, 365 pills for only $15.99 including shipping, which is an amazing price if you need Zyrtec. I need it cuz my hands itch and swell without it, nevermind the actual allergies I have. I bought these 14 pill packets at Wally World all summer for 88 cents and it seemed to do as well as the much more expensive brand name, so here's hoping this will do the same. It should, same ingredient and amount.

So I bought a camera and tonight is a super moon, isn't it? Or is it tomorrow? I should check. At any rate, the early evening usually gives the most spectacular view, but I wasn't home. I decided to try my camera, hand-held, and shoot the moon anyway, around 10 pm. So to speak. Which would give you a TERRIBLE photo, right? Well, it's not good, but hell if it isn't THAT BAD.

 photo moon_zpsebb0d7b8.jpg

I had to back off on the zoom because I couldn't hold it still when it got closer, but anyway.

And Cass and I went to the mountains - to the observation tower at Clingman's Dome, which is some 6600 ft alt - saw me some mountain ash, but didn't gather it though it'd be handy in case of werewolves:)  And some monks hood, I believe, though it was past bloom, just. Have a few photos.

You'll notice the dead trees - these are Fraser firs, killed by a non-native bug, the balsam woolly adelgid, which injects a poison into the trunk as it feeds and which disables the tree from taking in nutrition.
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My wedding anniversary today and I COMPLETELY FORGOT. Not just momentarily, folks, I never thought about it. I thought, "wait, is it a super moon tonight"?
Kind of. I saw it, I was out, and it was lovely. Oh, and there's another Sept. 9.
Nineteen years of marriage, how the ever-loving fuck did that happen? I'm really happy to still have him after all these years.
Yeah, I got an email with the title YOU FORGOT AGAIN. oops. I just don't know why I keep forgetting!
I swear I like him, and consider myself really lucky that we're together.
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Imagine this read in a dust-dry, hollow, oh-so-slightly ironic tone. Frightening! And kind of perfect. She scares me a little bit;)

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Today I hiked. I love the mountains so much, but I've not walked the trails for a few years mostly due to the health issues. However, I had promised my oldest and her best friend that we'd go hiking in the mountains before the summer is over.

At one point I didn't think I'd be able to keep my promise, but I was prescribed some meds that helped me be get moving after waking up, so I grabbed my two girls and Johnny and we headed up into the Smokies. Only a 30% chance of rain for later in the day according to the forecast - good odds, I thought. Which, like many of our local weather forecasts, turned out WRONG. A steady rain all day.

We still went. Johnny wanted to try a more difficult hike (well, difficult for us - we've none of us ever been regular hikers) because he'd had surgery recently and wants to regain his strength. (He's sixteen.) I agreed to go for the Chimney Tops, which I hadn't hiked in about twenty years! (It's not a long hike, but as this article will tell you, it's quite steep).

I frankly figured I couldn't make it, but if that were the case, I'd just sit and wait for the kids while they finished. I wanted to try. I hate owning up to being unable to do things I used to be able to do. I already do that so much, and it kills the spirit.

It was the hardest thing I've ever done, physically. My body just didn't think it could do it, and I tended to agree with it. I'm a stubborn cuss, however, and for the last half mile up the trail I sent the kids on ahead and took the climb as I could (talked to myself a lot). As I climbed higher, the wind began to blow, cold and crisp. It was rejuvenating, and really, by the time I made it to the foot of the rock climb, I was exhilarated. What a gorgeous view: clouds rolling over the mountains, wind hissing and rocking the tree tops.

Though I didn't quite make it to the top of the final 50 foot (wet, slippery) rock climb as I did twenty years ago, I got most of the way there. Only my thirteen-year old got higher than I did. My sixteen-year old got a bit freaked by the height, and Johnny didn't climb without her.

(This photo isn't mine - the others are)

my view, if a little blurry - see my daughter's red hair? :)

I can't say I didn't overdo it. I did. The walk down was kind of horrible, and my stride became very awkward and shambling (my left side drags). The legs almost gave out on me. I did a sort of crab-leg thing part of the way. But whatever works.

I'm my father's daughter - too much spleen to be good for anyone - irritable, stubborn, but determined. The last mile was pretty much stubbornness, pride, and mumbling to myself through gritted teeth about a bottle of wine at home if only I could get the fuck off the damn rock.

Not pretty, but what the hell, I did it, and I wanted to do something I know I used to be able to do.  It makes me sad to think I'll probably never do it again.

One of many reasons I love my husband: he'd just gotten off work when we came back. He immediately noticed my gait. I told him where we'd been and said, I'll probably never be able to do it again.

He said, "You might." He believes it, and makes me consider the possibility.

Cone flower by the side of the trail

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Dreaming, I was surrounded by tornadoes and had to leave my car. Kept running until I hit a congested area with buildings too close together, so that it was hard to see what was around me. I caught glimpses of a big, dark blue funnel to the northeast and some smaller ones with yellow light behind them, flashing, to the west. I could call people, though. You know how dreams are. My husband was listening to me and then he said all in a rush, "Gotta go," and hung up. And Mom had the baby, Rachel. She said, "We're all right for now, but we're in the path of a big one." Kept running, trying to find a place to hole up but couldn't and they were bearing down on me. Went on for what felt like hours.

Then I woke up enough for it to occur to me to WAKE UP, you don't have to go through this, and I did. And I was groggy, trying to remember where my little Rachel is, and finally remembered that Rachel as I knew her then is gone, grown into a sixteen-year old, which was a little melancholy - not that she's grown, but that the little red-headed baby is essentially no more, you know?

But good grief, it's good to be awake:)
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Full story this time:

A woman and two teenage kids rented next door to my mother in the spring. Then the woman's electricity was cut off, a bad thing made infinitely worse by temps in Tennessee in what was then August. She managed to steal electricity from someone else (sounds crazy, but she siphoned off someone behind her into the abandoned house on her right, came in there and took showers and such - I think hoping that she wouldn't be caught because it wasn't to her house). She was caught and was taken to jail. Apparently she has a record, or so the neighbors tell it. Her three dogs and a cat were left there at the house. One of the teens came every day to feed the animals, and let them out in the yard. He and his sister are living with their dad (ex-husband), but there's no pets allowed there, I'm assuming. Once a day is not enough to keep the animals from relieving themselves in the house. This goes on for days. The kids leash Gracie out in the back yard on a clothesline, where she howls through a couple of nights. She's an escape artist, and jumps fences and slips collars. She has been in some trouble for jumping the fence and going after people, though I don't know if she has bitten anyone yet. I go over to pick up Mom for an outing, and Gracie is free and running the neighborhood. She is jumpy, wet and nervous. Also hungry. I fed her. Her collar is screwed up - you can't tighten it, it only slips loose. She hopped in the van with me when I patted the seat. I took her home, washed her, gave her flea medicine (she was scratching miserably), and as the days passed, began to work on getting her acclimated with my cats.

The owner of the house files an eviction notice in court.

The boy who lives across the street from me happens to date the sister of the teen who came every day to feed the dogs. He told her we had Gracie. I also left word with the neighbors and the owner of the house (when I called him to tell him of the dogs still left in his house). The kids come to my house to get the dog TO TAKE HER BACK TO THAT HOUSE. There are flies in there, you can see them all over the picture window, and smears of feces. It was up in the 90s on the day he and his sister came to the house. I feel bad for the kids - what kind of situation are they having to deal with? Horrible. I tell the kids, we'll miss her, and she's fitting in, and I'll take care of her. I think I basically implied I would give her back if they got a place for her, though I didn't say it. I was taken by surprise, and I don't want to take an animal from anyone, particularly children. I hadn't planned on having a dog, for sure. My girls are really falling for this dog. However, the main problem is that the animal was going back to that horrible house. They agreed to let her stay, and asked me if I needed money for food. I told them no. The boy said he'd be back soon for her, maybe the next day.

Two weeks pass. The dogs are still inside the house. I call the SPCA, the neighbors call the police, animal control. Animal control points some kind of temperature gauge in the window and says it is 88 deg. in there and there is water for them, so they wouldn't take the animals out yet, but they'd keep an eye on things. SPCA refers me to the director, then to someone else, who promises they will do their best to get help. As far as I know they did nothing. Understand these dogs are living on their own in this hot, airless home, allowed to go out once a day. I simply do not understand what constitutes animal cruelty. Dogs need contact, love, care. Not flies and fleas and heat.

It's been three weeks. Temperatures have leveled off here somewhat (meaning: in the 80s, not the 90s). As of Sunday, I saw one of the dogs in the picture window. The owner of the house calls Mom today. He says he called the ex-husband and told them they have until 4:30 pm to get the animals out of the house. He asks Mom if she'll go next door and knock, because if the dogs are still there they will bark, and he now has a court order to get them out. (This is per my Mom. She does get a little confused sometimes). Mom goes over, but there is no barking at her knock. The owner goes to check in the house after work and was surprised to find the dogs still inside. He brings them out into the fenced yard. The tenant flies out after him. She'd been released and was apparently hiding inside. She tells him he's not going to take the dogs. She has 10 days left on her eviction notice, and begs him not to evict her. He says she has to leave. He leaves, and the dogs are still there with her in the house. Still no electricity. She tells the neighbors she's going to get Gracie back, and that she has her chipped. I don't believe this. I'm fairly certain none of those animals are given any flea control medicine, let alone real care. She reads like a woman with many problems besides a shortage of money.

I'll take Gracie to the vet tomorrow and check her out, and if she's chipped, too (I was going to take her this week anyway), but considering the woman's situation, I don't want to surrender her if I don't have to. This could get messy. I repeat, I never wanted this. Now my oldest is crazy for the dog, takes her on walks and plays with her and loves her. She is very tender-hearted, and I hate this for her, and for the dog.

Any advice/ideas/knowledge as to what I should do next? No one seems to give a right royal shit, and I am horrified and kind of heart-broken about it all.

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Long story, I'll make it short: her owners were arrested, and she was running free. Someone called the dog catcher but they hadn't been able to get her. I went to visit Mom (Gracie's owners lived next door) and saw her. She was skittish, and I think she needed food. We fed her, and then I took her home, called the owner of the house (Gracie's owners were renters, but they're being booted out, assuming they get out of jail) and told him what I'd done. We'll see what happens next. It could be complicated or not, I guess it depends on several things.

I have too many cats for this. She's young and energetic, but my girls are taking good care of her. They gave her a bath, bought her some toys, and we put some flea medicine on her. She's very happy here, as a lovely, lively, sweet little dog deserves to be. Does anyone have guesses as to what breed, or mixture she might have in her? I have no idea. She can jump very high, that I do know;)

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last week the wind ripped the power lines to the house out, tore up our meter and shit, so we had that fixed the next day and got the power back on in the afternoon. Today part of the tree in the backyard drops onto our house. Now there's some small holes in the roof, the gutter's pulled down and the fence is pulverized. Sigh.

In celebration and in defiance, maybe I'll go write some porn. Or just write.


May. 29th, 2013 06:05 pm
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My Beneath the Neon Moon sequel (kind of, sort of, starring Jared and Jensen, in that they've inspired the look and in some ways maybe the character of my made-up peoples) is starting to click along, thank God. Everything that's going on around here at home can really put the brakes on my writing, but school is out, Rachel is going to a three week sort of internship at the community college and my youngest is pretty quiet and lets me have some uninterrupted writing time ... it's working out. Hope the momentum keeps up.

Just basically, I am not able to sustain enthusiasm and cohesion for a writing project without uninterrupted time. In between Mom's health, mine, the kids school, sports, all the other usual household stuff and duties, I wasn't getting it. Now I am. AND IT IS FUN WORK. Plus I'm learning a new sort of writing to me, more of a novel-type narrative rather than something shorter that feels like it should always be POPPING or something. I can only hope I'm succeeding with it.

Anyway, I'm at 28,000 words now. I was estimating it at 50,000 total but I'm miserable at estimating, usually seriously underestimating. I wouldn't be surprised if it were quite a bit longer.

Did I ever tell you about the time I wanted to sub to an anthology that required a 10,000 word story? The first one I wrote for it was Beneath the Neon Moon. I think at the time it was about 15,000-18,000 words long (it ended up around 25,000 I think). So, no good. The 2nd attempt was, I'm guessing, around 20,000? By the time I fleshed it out AND tightened it it was around 36,000 or 37,000 words (The Vampire's Boy). And the 3rd was 30,000, ha ha ha, and the rough draft of it is STILL sitting on the hard drive from three years ago. The FAIL, IT BURNS. Oh, well. I'm happy anyway.

When you've been blocked, frustrated, out of inspiration or energy for so long, being able to say, hey, I've got 28,000 words on a project? It's so, so wonderful.

But hey, give me SPN inspiration and I can pack a lot into 1,000 words, I think. No really!
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spoilery... )

In other news, I haven't been posting much because life is upside down and topsy turvy, nothing comes with a guarantee and for some reason I had hoped it would by the time I was this old. I've gotten myself an unspecified auto-immune disease (maybe lupus, maybe connective tissue disease or some such shit) and am taking a batch of pills once a week (I call it Pillmageddon). Good times. Not really.

Under my pseudonym I am writing again at least - a sequel for Beneath the Neon Moon (a werewolf story). I'm guessing it'll come in around the 50,000 mark and if so, it'll be the longest I've ever written. But I'm horrible at estimating so we'll see. Could go longer.

Anyway, the episode got me crashing into my own account, evidently:) Just haven't posted much.

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