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Every year, C and I write each other a story for Christmas.* It's really my most treasured gift because it's done very specifically for my love of a fandom, issued from her lovely brain for love of me. And it's really ideal because we have many fandoms in common, and neither of us shy away from a dark story. We are dark, twisty people.
However, last year the prompts really started to get away from us. She's so very good at whipping up these ideas, and it spurs me in kind. I am beginning to believe the prompting is as much fun as the writing:)
We've already started with more this year--I thought I'd post them all here for fun, and for a record. I'll update it as needed--I'm sure there will be plenty more prompts to add as we get closer to Christmas.

*We're exchanging writing prompts four/five times a year now and see how it works out.
a mix of prompts, original fiction and fan fiction - check-in every week with 250 words minimum
due dates: March 7, June 13, September 12,
(possibly Halloween?) and Yuletide
(loose guidelines for C: From Dusk Till Dawn - junkie Seth; "Revision" sequel [Under the Red Hood]; The Avengers [Marvel Movies] - one about Steve; The Avengers [Marvel Movies] - portion of the long story, Doomed to Repeat; possible prompt fic
guidelines for K: prompt fic; prompt fic; portion of Rising Wolf [original, sequel to Beneath the Neon Moon]; original as K Bara; more?)
EDIT: Sept. 2016--we've missed our goals so far this year--life is hard:( We'll give it our best shot for our annual Yuletide exchange, though.

For 2015, we'll do another story in March somehow related to the Xmas 2014 stories we wrote (sequel, prequel, tie-in). In June another story in our same fandom. In September we'll switch fandoms with each other, so she'll have Batman: Under the Red Hood and I'll have Alias Smith and Jones.
March 9, Panic Day - (how appropriate)
June 8, Name Your Poison/Best Friends Day (So sad, no Dead Duck Day deadline for 2014. Some other year)
September 14, National Cream-Filled Donut Day (for personal reasons)
and Yule, of course. Which starts it all over again with new prompts chosen from our list.

Photo prompts for both of us:


From C for me to write:

prompts and fills )

From me for C to write:

prompts and fills )


Additional stories we've written for each other - no prompts

Read the stories )
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The guys from the Dusk Till Dawn series remind me of the Winchester boys and I love them, PARTICULARLY after a crazy action-soaked season finale producing ALL THE BROTHER FEELS (and Santanico feels). [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet, she who writes with a blood soaked brutal hammer in one hand, wrote me an amazing story, indulging me in my prompt:
AU, S1 and S2 (timeline mangled). At this point we only know Richie's off his rocker, seeing and hearing things.
Seth's a junkie. The stress of trying to handle Richie's weirdness and visions and keep him from exploding has left Seth with a very large monkey on his back.
Richie comes back to their hotel room and finds Seth blissed to the max, stretched out on the bed and unable to help himself. He stands over Seth's prone body, the visions/voice urging him to finally, finally touch Seth like he's wanted since forever.
And after all, the voice tells him, oh so low and sweet--if his brother doesn't like it, Richie could always just kill him and dig out his eyeballs.


An AU in which something much older and more powerful than Santanico finds Richie first.

Happy Halloween to all! Watching Salem's Lot and it is as atmospheric as I remembered. And of course David Soul is always a mega-bonus!
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For mine and C's fiction exchange, I missed the Monday due date (National Cream-Filled Donut Day, ladies and gents). Butn I expect to finish the story today or tomorrow, knock on wood and the creeks don't rise, etc etc Now complete!

Warnings for torture and affectionate banter. That sounds weird, I know. One of the bad guys is very twisted and the other of the plain old small evil variety - makes for hard times for Heyes and Curry. At any rate, you can read the tags for warnings.

Alias Jones and Smith
13,200 words
Love to [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet, who is beyond amazing.
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It's dark and dirty as we ever get, be warned. But delicious! And in your face! Unapologetic! 4,858 words. Non-con. Dick Grayson/Jason Todd. Also appearing: Batman, Joker, Alfred



  • For kassidy. Here's the prompt she gave:

Nightwing/Jason Todd willingly, or under someone's nefarious influence;) Dubcon is good. Can also be threeway with Batman or Tim Drake.

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