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reposted from last year with a few new additions--

[livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet and I are going on a spooky movie jag this month. This is what is in the running (and the strikeouts are what we've actually managed to watch):
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"Put your arms around me please, I want to kiss you. Say that you forgive me for letting him love me. We can both love him, my darling."

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I am so admiring her. She has a strong, stringent look to her lovely face sometimes. Or it's just the movie I'm watching tonight, The Reader - I haven't watched a lot of movies over the last few years, at all. Anyway, oh and I LOVE her less than perky breasts. Does she not feel real?

Update: Now we're into the meat of the story. Horrors are not simple things.

The Road

Jan. 7th, 2011 06:52 pm
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I am watching THE ROAD with Viggo Mortenson, and it is gray and lonesome and so much worse than that (no, I hadn't read the book). Nicely done, spare and horrifying but I have never seen ANYTHING so bleak (so far). The only bright thing is the discovery of the canned food and in particular the Jim Beam Black Label. 
oh, they found an old man, and: Don't ask me if you can keep him.
Oh my fuck, is that ROBERT DUVALL? squeal.

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