Oct. 20th, 2015 11:36 am
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Wondering if the younger writers feel this way, or mainly the 40-50 year-olds who react this way? Embarrassed at a (younger) male giving his all to our sex narrative?
*cue Psycho knife-stabbing music*
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I'm sitting here waiting for it to be time for Girls Night, and it occurs to me that my dear bestie made me a promise last week while we were doing Girls Night stuff: if I finish writing the three stories that come next in my Starsky and Hutch series, she will write S & H for me. I believe it was 15,000 words she said.

I'm not saying these things will come to pass any time soon, but I figure the deal should be recorded for posterity.

*smiles at kassidy62 * You thought I wouldn't remember, didn't you?

*sticks tongue out at C, because I'm mature*
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I slept in late and I have so much to do! Kids to get ready, get mom, hit the store, make dinner, pick up another kid (and my other, big girl;), etc. But as I said, I slept late and I'm up for it:)

There was this suggestion for Halloween fiction at twitter, using a hashtag (which leaves you 130 characters to tell a gross/funny/disturbing Halloween story). Sounded fun so I did some but not many people did, but it was unexpectedly fun. They're corny and silly, and some are gross, okay. Not saying these are good but just FUN FUN FUN so I inflict you!

Also, I meant to get that Charmed third part up, drat me, but I guess it'll be Monday now with everything going on. Everybody who celebrates Halloween, have a good fun time!


I'm in the lead, 37 hot dogs like rocks in my gut. First bite on the next and a clot squirts out, sliding to the floor.

"Off with his head!" cried the Queen, then snapped her teeth together and bit off his cock.

She pulled off the last petal. "He loves me not." That night, she sliced out his bowels & arranged them in the shape of a flower.

Looking for leverage, the spider tapped delicately with two front legs along the boy's upper lip, then pushed inside his mouth.

The zombie’s eyeball fell out. His fingers were the last thing I saw—up close, closer, thisclose. "Greeeen pretty," he said.

“Braaains!” said the zombie, right before he pulled his own out and ate them. After that he didn’t say anything.

A shining black bug sat in the window. Its thin legs bent first, like a cheap staple beneath the pressure of her teeth.

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