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I'm sitting here waiting for it to be time for Girls Night, and it occurs to me that my dear bestie made me a promise last week while we were doing Girls Night stuff: if I finish writing the three stories that come next in my Starsky and Hutch series, she will write S & H for me. I believe it was 15,000 words she said.

I'm not saying these things will come to pass any time soon, but I figure the deal should be recorded for posterity.

*smiles at kassidy62 * You thought I wouldn't remember, didn't you?

*sticks tongue out at C, because I'm mature*
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I had to split our vid show up into two. C and I watched almost all of one of them Saturday - the neighbors were being their usual loud selves and if you're watching a vid show with decent sound, the loud barnyard-breath neighbors are no longer a problem.

It was allllll good. Still took us what, 3 hours? And then I found out we didn't quite make it to the end, the player paused over a bad link.

Remember me talking about Rob Lowe?  C sent me a picture of him recently - good LORD, he's stayed in shape:
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I am hung over. Not badly, as in your head is wobbling on the stalk of your neck and threatening to snap it, but still. One of the C's is hung over - I don't know about the other yet. A touch of peach schnapps, a lot of brut asti and some OJ - summer nectar of the GNO. And vids, vids, vids - we gathered up favorites from over the years and put them into a media play file for vlc and saved them as a file, then last night we hooked up speakers and the laptop to the television - and hello, vid show. And we didn't finish it, it was so long - C gave it up at 2:30 am, because she has good sense. We had many spn vids, Pros, Starsky & Hutch, Dante's Cove, Blood Ties, True Blood, multi vids, a Harpers Island vid, due South, Lost Girl, Hard Core Logo, House, BSG, Hercules, Star Trek ... good lord. It was fantastic. Fandom is a thing of wonder and creativity.


May. 8th, 2011 01:10 am
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Girls Night Out - We continue to keep our tradition of REALLY SMALL fannish interests/ships. We even made prompts:)
Frankenstein: The True Story (1973 TV miniseries) - Frankenstein/monster - "beautiful"; Henry Clerval/Frankenstein - "I need your strength"; Prima (the best role evar for Jane Seymour) with anybody
Planet of the Apes (TV Series) - Alan/Pete/Galen - spit roast (is that right, C?) Set after Pete is rescued from the gorillas and a probable lobotomy. Pete's grateful. Really, really grateful.
The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (TV movie)- any! (some Justin would be nice)
Bewitched - anything with Agnes Moorehead casting a spell on Derwood and being her usual bitchin self
The Legend of Lizzie Borden (TV movie) - any with Lizzie, because Elizabeth Montgomery is da bomb

ah, GNO, I love it. I reek of perfume and bad TV.

Victor Frankenstein (Leonard Whiting of Romeo and Juliet)

Michael Sarrazin as the monster

Jane Seymour as Agatha/Prima

the rest )

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