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If you like dark and you like well-written, this is for you:) It's short, AU, gen. For all that it's a supernatural situation, the emotions are very human. I  think it's well crafted and was completely caught up in this short story. The end particularly resonated wiith me.

from the author, [livejournal.com profile] duckondebut:

AU after 1.18: Something Wicked. References events that’ve happened s2 through s5.

Summary: Sam and Dean are immortal now. Yeah. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

Warnings: Vague general series spoilers, some swearing. AND GUYS. This is very dark. Torture, violence, references to suicide and suicidal tendencies are contained within.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

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Her voice worms inside his mind, writhes and shreds until his skull is soft; swollen fruit just this side of rotten.

He thinks, sometimes, about pressing a finger into it, seeing if it will explode. He bets it will. Still, he never asks her for silence, even when the pain takes him so far inside he can only see in shades of red.

He likes it. He wants to see where she's taking him. Because she imparts knowledge of things he'd have otherwise never known.

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 I hardly ever post because words are mysteriously wiped from my brain when I try! So, I posted at LJ and I'll post here, too, because what I love about fandom? Is always, always, the fiction and the vids and art - the MEDIA we create (not so much the wank, but that's another story).

Vidding - I was never very good at it, had nothing close to technical proficiency, but I had FEELINGS, you know. I think two or three of them move fast enough or have enough humor or are short enough to still be fun. The rest? I repeat - I had feelings. Some are pretty bad.

My favorites, the ones I can still watch, anyway, are Mighty Fine, Supernova (NSFW), and Drive My Car. I have much nostalgia, too, for Valley of the Shadow and the Alias Smith and Jones vid. The rest, eh, I'm not sure why I kept them. Very slow or too long. But it's part of my fannish history, and I put them all on A03 (I love how easy it was to do that).

They are here.

The story is from a prompt my pal gave me in 2010 - it was supposed to help me have FUN. Fun is not a thing I do all that easily nowadays, but I managed it, yeah, three years later. Fannish space will always make me happy. It's so important to me. Anyway, it's a Hercules: the Legendary Journeys story. I didn't rewatch or anything and it's been a while, but it is porn, and it was fun. I am a little bothered because I want Iolaus' voice to sound more like Iolaus, but I'm gonna leave it be. Because I had fun:)

Curses and Brown Suede Shirts

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This is horror, guys, truly, so if you're a fan, I say step right up. It's also fantastical and full of imagery. The warning list itself is insane, but I don't think you'll end up rolling your eyes over it. It's one of those rare stories that actually earns the use of every one of those labels, even in passing. But it's still not about all that. It's imaginative and surreal.

Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death by [livejournal.com profile] losttheirbones 
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(6.10 compliant)

People think they get it, Bobby's you think I don't miss Sam either, even Lisa and her my sister and I are close too, but it's like someone standing on the edge of the ocean and calling it a lake. What they think they see doesn't even begin to approach the reality, the whole paradigm of the goddamned universe, and maybe it's twisted and sick and unhealthy but fuck it. The love and the lies and the sacrifices, it's sewing up your brother with your hands in his flesh, it's hating one another because you love him so goddamned much it's like dying in slow motion.

I'm too sleepy to be coherent, but They Said It Was the Fall of Man by [livejournal.com profile] hadesphoenix  is satisfying, thoughtful, and brings back the brotherly connection. Just beautiful.
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I don't know why I keep thinking up this meme-type shit up, but there you go.

Writers for Lew/Hank (Callum Keith Rennie, David Duchovny) in CALIFORNICATION are few and far between. Is it maybe an age thing? I don't know, but these two had chemistry (a drugged, drunken, sarcastic, self-destructive chemistry, but whatever). I sat down with no real idea of what I was doing and then the story did that thing where it just worked out without me thinking about it much/pounding the keys and pulling my hair/bitching near and far/sacrificing a cow and pleading to the skies.

So the story: I was happy with their banter, the fact that they were lit and decided fucking would be a good thing, and then proceeded to do it, fucking ever so la-la-la casually, having a conversation and being pretty happy about it all, until ... oops.

You have one like that? Why do you think it isn't popular?


PS: I don't care if they're photoshopped to hell and back, I love the new CW promo pictures for SPN. If Sam wasn't the guy in this relationship, I'd say he's Eve in the garden what with his snake and his redrum shirt.
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January Sun by [livejournal.com profile] lemanya - features a young Sam and Dean and a lovely original character, December Jones.

from the story:

The house has been empty for as long as December can remember, but not ‘cause it itself is haunted. This town is a ghost town of the living, and no one wants to live here. This is where spectres exist in drawn out memories and glasses of bourbon. This is where people come to drink and smoke and gamble out the last of their days. They don’t come here to have any kind of future. In this town, wives leave their husbands and daughters are left on the front porch with the last birthday presents they’ll ever receive.

But the two boys and their father move a few bags and even fewer boxes through the door of the house across the road, and the house breathes again, light and bright. Beneath December, the varnish fades and the wood sits cold to rot.

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Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-14 or light R?
Warnings: violence
Prompt: Supernatural, Sam/Dean, werewolfism - one turns and takes the other down (interpret as you will) for
dark_fest LJ comm
dauntdraws produces some lovely artwork. Two of them were in the back of my mind while writing this. They were drawn for other stories, but I took inspiration from them both: this (for a story called Highwayman) was the picture I had in my head for the woods in Sam's dream; and this (for Last Outpost of All That Is) was the way I saw Sam and Dean just before everything changes.

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Title: Fuck and Die
Characters/Pairing: Hank Moody/Lew Ashby
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: character death, dubious consent (implied), wall-to-wall cursing
Prompt: Hank/Lew Ashby, partytime!, noncon or dubcon (at
dark_fest LJ comm)
Summary: Lew Ashby's AU swan song
Notes: for my dear deadfuck (you know who you are) and anybody else who loves Hank/Lew and can't damn well find them on the web

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Sam's not just living in Hell - he's absorbed it. He's dry and dirty and ringed in fire. It's lovely. Here

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