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If you're a Daryl Dixon fan and interested in his backstory, this is it. It's a Yuletide 2011 story by . Realistic, moving backstory mixed in with more current scenes of the brothers. Daryl's loyalty and the unnourished kernel of decency so much a part of him are prominently featured.

This note is helpful when reading it: It's probably worth stating ahead of time that the chapters aren't in chronological order. Everything takes place pre-Rick's arrival. The chapters alternate between the present (which is counting down), the past (which is counting up), and then they meet in the middle.

Rating: Mature | Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence | Category: Gen | Characters: Daryl Dixon, Merle Dixon | Additional Tags: Child Abuse, Siblings, Family

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Care About You Except Me



The Dixon brothers work best alone.

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As I told you guys before, I was so delighted to be gifted with several lovely stories. And one of you, my friends, (eying you all closely) knew me before Yuletide - because I was gifted a story for a fandom I didn't ask for but love so much! I can't tell you how happy I was to see it.

Planet of the Apes, the tv series, all 14 episodes of it (there's a new comm for it here) - yes, Pete, Burke, Galen, Urko. I started a recent rewatch and the characterization and chemistry between the actors holds up well, which is what tends to make me fannish over shows. This was my first fandom before I knew the word fandom, fannish, or fan fiction. I thought I was all alone in these bizarre tendencies to fixate over shows, and was heartbroken when it was cancelled. The episode that made my little heart pound loudly was "The Interrogation" - Pete's subjected to torture by the apes to get him to spill information on the humans who helped our fugitive trio since they began running. I wrote a story with that in mind years later, too - it just wouldn't leave my psyche, apparently:) So I was gifted a story this year in the fandom! Now, I've been getting some new stories in the fandom after an arid patch - [livejournal.com profile] gryphon2k has taken to it again with some wonderful results, but this was totally unexpected!

Cry Over Me looks at the death of the 3rd astronaut in the pilot episode. Poor Jonesy finally gets his proper due. There's also the interesting dynamic of Galen and Pete's new relationship - it actually takes a more realistic view of two characters who are in trouble and who've only just met - there's some initial friction.

The rest of my gifts are fairy tales - Little Red Riding Hood, all of them. It's what I asked for:) I've always loved fairy tales - the more gruesome, the better. None of that Disney stuff. To this day, they reflect some very old, real terrors that are just as powerful now as they ever were. Little Red Riding Hood is loaded with issues relating to women, and depending on the version you read, can make you want to slap someone or cheer. Plus the nasty/wrong things, which as you well know fascinates me.

I received four stories for LRRH, and not a one of them with a happy ending, which makes ME happy. And another thing - I LOVE how writers can still continue to rewrite this, finding all the different forms it can take and still make it original to them.

summary: They did not question that there had been a wolf. There were blood and bodies. Surely that was proof enough.

a poem! If someone close to Red Riding Hood is a monster, does that make LRRH a monster as well? Best line for me because I love the flow of it (I was going to quote more but my favorite section is very spoilery for the author's version, but I can't help but quote this one):

I'll hide my beast-face 'neath my girl-skin--

Isn't that wonderful?

Later, Tater
summary: On the Internet, no one knows you're a wolf...

and check out the warnings;) - Warning for moderately bad language, sexual themes, general darkness, an abundance of txt spk, and casual mention of Jim Carrey mpreg

the mention of Jim Carrey almost did me in - that rubber-faced weirdness is scarier than the clown from It (Tim Curry)! This story combines social networking and LIttle Red Riding Hood, which I love. The faceless aspect is the scariest, and really relevant.

Blood Red
summary: She pauses at the edge of the woods, but only to check her weapons.

Isn't that an amazing summary? It's not exactly a total horror ending, but it's Red Riding Hood, taking care of herself - always awesome.

That Black Forest
summary: Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly, for I've four and twenty blackbirds, all baked in a pie.

Grandma to the fore here, and reminding me of the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Red is never mentioned, but there is an inference that I like a lot:)

In conclusion: bloody bestial happy Yule to me. Thank you so much, you talented authors:))))
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Title: If Thine Eye Offend Thee by [livejournal.com profile] twoskeletons 
Characters: Sam/Dean, Castiel, Ruby
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3900
Summary: If Dean deserves to be saved, maybe Sam does too. Set during the time period from 4x01 through 4x07.

If you ever wanted insightful, beautifully executed Sam POV from S4, this is it - complex, hopeful, determined, and heartbreaking.

You know how it was hard, sometimes, to see SamandDean during S4? Not so here.

Sam doesn't believe in the calm before the storm. His life has been one endless storm, and Dean is both the lightning and the flood.

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Post your first fan fiction ever - I showed you mine, now show me yours. Here kitty kitty (wheedling tone)
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Yeah, I bet you are:) I pulled it out and dusted it off - from 2001, baby. It was so, you know, first time fan fic committed-ish. Maybe it had ... something. I think. Maybe.

Oh, excuse the ... because that first fan fic had a lot of the ... and now I'm using .... I cannot control myself.

Anyway. I picked at it some, stuff I couldn't bear, you know? Some of it ... holy God, I cannot speak. It's Charmed, and I was so INNOCENT before all the S&H people started me down the bad black road that lead to the crazy Winchester fans with no LIMITS or BOUNDARIES whatev, shocking fuckers that you are. So have some sweet Charmed fiction. It's a Halloween thing and it ended up being three parts. If anybody likes it I'll put up more of it. If not, I'll just go back to reading DIRTY FAN FICTION. I cannot lose. *nods*

description: The first Halloween after Prue's death, Paige finds herself in danger at a Halloween party (mild het)

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