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Title:           Burning From the Inside (crossover; AU)
Fandom:     Friday the 13th (2009) and My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Pairing:       Clay Miller/Tom Hanniger
Wordcount: around 4,000
Warnings:   Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Gore, Drug Use (mentioned), Insanity, Dubious Consent, Horror, Run-on Sentences 
                  and Intimations of OTP-ness
Alt Posting: A03
Summary:   Clay's broken. He's still going after Jason. And then he meets Tom Hanniger, who wants to help.

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The story is based on a conversation during a walk that turned into a prompt, going something like this:
My friend and I are walking by the lake. There's a weird old tower thing on the shore, which turns out to be a water gauge. Maybe. It looks spooky. We take photos.
Friend says: And who wants Clay naked and splayed out/crucified on a tower?
Me: YES.
Continued via email, I write and say: Er, me. And who else?
Answered: I think maybe Jason does. Perhaps he's trying to lure Tom out of hiding? They came after him? Or maybe Harry left him there as a present for Tom? Or maybe someone else altogether? (see how she prompts me?)
And I say: I like Jason luring Tom after he and Clay came after him. Or this or that, or maybe blah blah. But what comes out of it all is close to this, the Jason luring Tom thing. Fun times:)

and here's the photo of the gauge/tower/wtf???

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So I had a lousy week. You know what makes a week better? Going to your mom's, that's what, and leaving the kids with the husband and spending the night. And ordering pizza, and staying up late and watching Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th with your 76 year old mom, and no longer being embarrassed to see people having simulated sex with one another on the screen when your mom is watching it with you. And you're in the dark because you turned the lights out, and this F13 has that great new Jason who moves so awfully swiftly with his machete, and you're watching on a fairly big screen, and your mom's not fazed by the blood and stuff, and you're both commenting about how these women should stop hopping up and down on the guys, it doesn't look like real sex, and good Lord, her breasts are so fake and WRONG, just wrong, and the rich dude is on our last nerve, can he die already?

And then there's that lovely Jared with his tight T-shirt and a motorcycle he manages to dwarf.
I know, it's a slasher flick, and not the slash like we like to write, either. I know some people don't and won't ever like it, but it was lit so nicely, and the guy who played Jason was awesome, the way he moved, and Clay's sister Whitney was pretty good in it, and that spooky old mine was cool, and there was Clay, and that hot little scene between Clay and the cop, and more Clay and... well hell, I just really enjoy it. I loved it when it came out and me and C went to see it and My Bloody Valentine both, and then we went again to see both and would have done it again if we'd managed to fit it in.

I enjoyed my evening with Mom, and I needed it. And I'm going to spam you with F13 stuff, right here, right now, because of tonight, and being happy.

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