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Dreaming, I was surrounded by tornadoes and had to leave my car. Kept running until I hit a congested area with buildings too close together, so that it was hard to see what was around me. I caught glimpses of a big, dark blue funnel to the northeast and some smaller ones with yellow light behind them, flashing, to the west. I could call people, though. You know how dreams are. My husband was listening to me and then he said all in a rush, "Gotta go," and hung up. And Mom had the baby, Rachel. She said, "We're all right for now, but we're in the path of a big one." Kept running, trying to find a place to hole up but couldn't and they were bearing down on me. Went on for what felt like hours.

Then I woke up enough for it to occur to me to WAKE UP, you don't have to go through this, and I did. And I was groggy, trying to remember where my little Rachel is, and finally remembered that Rachel as I knew her then is gone, grown into a sixteen-year old, which was a little melancholy - not that she's grown, but that the little red-headed baby is essentially no more, you know?

But good grief, it's good to be awake:)


Jan. 6th, 2013 01:54 pm
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I dreamed I was lost from my family, and only had my cat with me. At first it was Jasper, and I had to carry him everywhere, and I wasn't home - I was in some foreign land, some crazy mixture of mountain tourist attractions (Dollywood?) and something like Shanghai, maybe, so very crowded. And I dropped bags of clothes that I'd meant to trade at the 2nd hand stores, holding my cat, and I had to climb over people and bags and crowded stands and bleachers that were dark and grimy, and I had to climb over a grassy passage in between two highways but I nearly got us killed, it was very high at points and I was balancing on rocks and thin raised areas of land. I backtracked and found a much easier way to go. Then I called my husband and he was looking for me. He sounded very tired. There was some weird branching out from the 'lost story' where we found each other and then we moved - we'd been planning it. It was a duplex and the neighbors asked us to stop being noisy and we found out the guy we rented from was gone, there was no manager, so we were going to have to resolve all problems with our neighbors face to face. Odd, I've had so many problems with my neighbors being noisy, not the other way around.
But the end of the dream was back to where I had been, Shang-wood maybe:) - and still so crowded, and we were on a plane that was preparing for takeoff, and I saw Alice the cat outside, standing on the edge of some place high up, and they said I couldn't leave the plane but I opened the door and said I'm going, I have to get Alice, but the plane didn't stop even with an open door, just accelerated, and I said, somewhere in my head, I'm not staying for this, not leaving her, and I woke up. Nobody could make me leave her, not of my own free will. Maybe God or death or the threat of it does, but I don't have to like it or agree with it, not for anybody or any pet that means something to me. I will never understand or be at peace with it.


May. 22nd, 2012 06:28 am
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I had a dream, I was at the door of a kitchen I think, talking to an old woman, there were bunnies and ducks all over the place. Mama duck, Mama rabbit and tons of babies. I sat down on the floor and they rushed me, I was cuddling a MOUND of ducks and bunnies, curling forward over them and they were snuggling against me. I have no idea where this came from, but my daughters were so delighted by it. My oldest one told me about her friend Charity, how her dad came to wake her and she was confused, asking her dad about the rabbits in the field.
Here I am plotting about Sam's S4 withdrawal, Dean, Lilith and Ruby, nasty stuff afoot, and I'm dreaming ducks and rabbits.

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