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I have one episode left to go for the season, so don't spoil me! I know only about a guest appearance I'm really looking forward to. And on that note, I am SO SAD that there's only one story with this at A03:

Lew Ashby/Hank Moody

I do not understand!

If I've misspelled anything here, well, I've been doing that a lot. Not catching things. One day I typed a WHOLE OTHER WORD than I meant to type. I need new glasses, for one thing, but that's not all of it. I try to fix stuff but don't want to feel too uptight about posting here/ so the typos, they're here to stay I guess. Like flies.

I'm off from work today, and I have to get writing. I subbed a story to riptide and they said they'd be interested in a rewrite (I might have mentioned this already - I wrote a first person narrative, rare for me nowadays, and did way too much TELLING over showing) so I'm hoping to get a rough of the second version done by Monday, then get back on some other projects. I have about 10 different story ideas I'd love to tackle, complete with notes. I have a complete rough draft that's been sitting for a year without edits, a wip or two that have been sitting while I go off on tangents. Well, not strictly true- much as i love writing, there was the block I went through, now there's just stress and a lot to do - I'm of the age where I'm taking care of both my parent and my children, so. My boss died a couple of months ago, but so far his wife is keeping the business open. She's good to me, and understanding of the family stuff. Lots of change going on for me.

Just wondering what people are watching? Currently I'm watching Justified, Game of Thrones, The Borgias soon as it gets back (it's not back yet is it? I do the On Demand thing), Supernatural of course (wondering how Jeremy Carver will do as show runner - as Cass and I were talking about, Sera's episodes, her writing, are so good, but as show runner? I don't know.

Gonna revisit Starsky and Hutch Saturday at GNO (Shoot Out) and trying out Legend of the Seeker and Sons of Anarchy.

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I don't know why I keep thinking up this meme-type shit up, but there you go.

Writers for Lew/Hank (Callum Keith Rennie, David Duchovny) in CALIFORNICATION are few and far between. Is it maybe an age thing? I don't know, but these two had chemistry (a drugged, drunken, sarcastic, self-destructive chemistry, but whatever). I sat down with no real idea of what I was doing and then the story did that thing where it just worked out without me thinking about it much/pounding the keys and pulling my hair/bitching near and far/sacrificing a cow and pleading to the skies.

So the story: I was happy with their banter, the fact that they were lit and decided fucking would be a good thing, and then proceeded to do it, fucking ever so la-la-la casually, having a conversation and being pretty happy about it all, until ... oops.

You have one like that? Why do you think it isn't popular?


PS: I don't care if they're photoshopped to hell and back, I love the new CW promo pictures for SPN. If Sam wasn't the guy in this relationship, I'd say he's Eve in the garden what with his snake and his redrum shirt.
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Title: Fuck and Die
Characters/Pairing: Hank Moody/Lew Ashby
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: character death, dubious consent (implied), wall-to-wall cursing
Prompt: Hank/Lew Ashby, partytime!, noncon or dubcon (at
dark_fest LJ comm)
Summary: Lew Ashby's AU swan song
Notes: for my dear deadfuck (you know who you are) and anybody else who loves Hank/Lew and can't damn well find them on the web

read it )

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Californication, Hank/Lew Ashby, partytime!, noncon or dubcon, and

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, werewolfism - one turns and takes the other down (interpret as you will)


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