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She gave me the double whammy this time - posted me an Avengers story and bonused me with the ASJ story I've been wanting her to send out into the world:)

The Alias Smith & Jones story I mentioned some time ago that Cass wrote for me. Now I can share!
You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Post "Something to Get Hung About", the boys separate and bad things happen.

She also posted me an Avengers story (movie related; Steve/Tony) that I love but am also quite frustrated with (you'll see why if you read it)
Tony yanked hard at the chains, producing noise but no useful result. He didn’t know how long he’d been hanging there, naked and blindfolded, but it felt like a long time. His arms and shoulders were aching and his calves were cramping. It was bad enough that he was hanging in the dark like a side of beef, but they'd also drugged him. They must have because he was hard and aching and completely unable to get any relief. As torture went, it was pretty damn effective.
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I posted about what I'd written for mine and C's prompt exchanges, and I wanted to mention that I got a really good story from [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet for the exchange. She worked really hard on my story though the juices weren't flowing. She finished it (I think soley to make me happy, which <3), but she LOATHES it.
I love it. Love it, love it. Love her, too. But she already knows that:)

Speaking of ASJ, I read verlaine's ASJ story she had posted at [livejournal.com profile] aliassmithjones - typical for Verlaine, it's hard-hitting and poignant - an outsider POV story about how Heyes and Curry ended up.

God, I have NO IDEA what to write for ASJ. But I'll figure out something by the time September rolls around:)

Health update: I'm on four shots a week, the rebif I talked about before and another one of methotrexate. Currently doing better than I have in over a year. Not saying I feel good most of the time (I wish!), but I have accomplished things, which makes me feel better about myself. And today I felt pretty damn good. Hope I have more days like it.
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I have no idea why I waited so long. I had a basic idea of what was to come in the sequel to Sometimes They Come Back (Batman: Under the Red Hood DCU animated; Jason Todd/Dick Grayson) but brain continued foggy. So I'm sitting with around 800 words on Sunday night, knowing our decided-upon posting date was Monday. So I wrote 3,000 words yesterday:) That's unheard of for me. I am so excited by that. Also tired. But I love that burst of intensity and am glad I was able to post on our agreed date, Panic Day 2015, which turned out to be so very appropriate for me. Though it was close to 9 pm when I managed it.

I know I probably have very few DCU flisters, but here's the link in case: What Hurts More

And my dear Cass! She's written me a sequel to her heartbreaking but wonderful Rendevous in a Bedroll for Alias Smith & Jones. This one is called Snowbound - lots of Heyes/Curry (hot!) loving AND Cass's usual bleakness and poignance. Then I get one more ASJ story from her for our June deadline (June 8, Name Your Poison/Best Friends Day). And in September we switch our fandoms and write another story for each other, so I'll write ASJ. Looking forward to it, and to reading her DCU.

If you do read our stories, while we don't have warnings we do have everything dark listed in our tags.
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small fandom/character/pairing - Alias Smith and Jones
ah, ASJ, how I love that show. Riffing off of Butch and Sundance, the show aired in 1971-1973 (in the second year one of the leads, Pete Duel, tragically committed suicide, but the show went on with a replacement - though not for long). The chemistry between Duel and Ben Murphy holds up and then some to this day. The two main characters are the quick-draw Kid Curry (with the curly hair) and his partner, the sly, intelligent Heyes (with his "silver tongue," as the Kid described it). I've never seen two guys who can yell at each other and still maintain a palpable sense of adoration for each other, every single moment, until I saw these two.

Best episode ever: The Bounty Hunter (with Louis Gossett, Jr.)

This is a vid I did, back when I was still doing them.

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