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Here's where my fan fiction and vids can be found. I have written in some tiny, never-heard-of fandoms, and I am a fan of the bizarre. Besides you fail if you fail to see the inherent value of a planet full of monkeys. You fail!

I'm being brave here - I go back to the very first stories I put out in fandom. Even my painfully earnest and over-wrought Charmed stories.

my transformative works policy:
Anyone who wants to riff off my works, podfic it, whatever, you're very welcome to do so, as long as credit/a link to the original work is given, and as long as it's not monetized. I firmly support transformative works - there's so much happiness in it. In my viewpoint, reworking and adding to the narrative of others is human nature and an important part of our culture.

Warts and STDs and all - The List (alphabetized by fandom)

Alias Smith and Jones

A Chance (730 words)
Hannibal Heyes/Kid Curry. Coda to the pilot episode

Alias Jones and Smith (13,200 words)
Heyes/Curry. The past catches up.
For the prompt: TortureTortureTortureTortureTortureTortureTorture

My tiny ASJ site

"Dead or Alive" vid (download streaming here)

Batman: Under the Red Hood (DC comics universe, animated)

Sometimes They Come Back (3,800 words)
Jason Todd/Dick Grayson. Bruce thinks Jason has crossed the line. He has no idea how far Jason will go. (Or: Jason has a backup plan.)
Written for a yuletide exchange between myself and [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet. The prompt was: Jason and Dick wanting Bruce's attention. Always.
It's dark stuff. Be wary.

Sequel: What Hurts More (3,800 words)
The nights are long with the Joker riding his dreams.

Finale: What Hurts Most (8,500 words)
Batman disappears off the streets of Gotham, Jason's lost his agenda, and Dick is...well, Dick.


Fuck and Die (1,500 words)
dark_fest LJ prompt: Hank/Lew Ashby, partytime!, noncon or dubcon. The story as written turned out to have (sort of) implied dubcon and character death. An AU story of Ashby's swan song.


The End (3,330 words)
Gen. Missing scenes between seasons 3 and 4

Halliwell Halloween series (4 stories; 14,700 words)
Het. Phoebe/Cole, Paige/OMC. The first Halloween after Prue's death, a party turns dangerous for Paige.

Dante's Cove

Destiny Never Dies (Only People) (8,700 words)
Toby/Kevin, Ambrosius/Kevin, Toby/Adam, Kevin/Ambrosius/Van (sort of...hard to explain?) Picks up at the end of Season 2 – what happens to Kevin, what Van and Toby do about it, and how Grace gets involved Um...I put het sex in the middle of a gay series. And kept the gay of course.

My small, small Dante's site

Dante's Cove vid, Supernova, is fun in terms of sheer nekkid (NOT WORK SAFE OR KID SAFE, at all). It had an amazing public run, hits out the wazoo (most likely brought on by the aforesaid nekkid) on youtube before it got the old CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE shaft. It's loaded up as an unlisted video only now. Download available here.

Dark Blue

A Snake, a Blue Blazer and a Girl Once Lost (4,800 words)
Dean Bendis/Jaimie Allen/Ty Curtis. Written for Yuletide 2010. During the final episode of the series, Jaimie tells Dean she's sorry she didn't realize that him wearing his "little blazer" meant they were out on a date. Also, Ty signs off on his divorce papers, and Dean tells Jaimie he thinks Ty is okay with it.

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978 miniseries); Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon

If Mine Eyes Offend Thee (2,000 words)
written for C from her prompt: Justin's ghost talks to Nick.

Fairy tales fandom

The Beating of Her Bound Heart (3,600 words)
Het. Based on LIttle Red Riding Hood and written for Yuletide 2011

Frankenstein (the novel)

Unhallowed (800 words)
An AU of Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley--a (sort of?) Halloween story for my lovely Cass, who helps me to write even when I think it's not possible.

Frankenstein: The True Story

A Perfect Form (illustrated) (2,300 words)
Based on the 1973 miniseries with Leonard Whiting, Michael Sarrazin, David McCallum, Jane Seymour and James Mason. It came about because of a holiday exchange with my best friend, who gave me this prompt: "anything goes, but I wouldn't mind having some sort of explanation of why the creature never got a name. And it would be nice if Prima were in there somewhere."

Friday the 13th (2009) crossover with My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Burning From the Inside (3,900 words)
Clay Miller/Tom Hanniger. Clay's broken. He's still going after Jason. He meets Tom Hanniger, who wants to help.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Breathe or Die (1,140 words)
Seth/Richie. Richie waits for Seth to find out.

Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon
- see The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home miniseries

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Curses and Brown Suede Shirts (2,350 words)
Hercules/Iolaus. The early days.
Based on a prompt with a 500 word minimum and the word "insatiable." And Herc will wear his brown tunic from the made-for-tv movies, because I loved that thing, and so the story will be set during the early days as well.

The Hunger (1983) fusion with SPN RPS (J2)

The Others
(2,000 words)
SPN_cinema challenge combining SPN/SPN RPF with The Hunger, a 1983 vampire film with Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. Vampires were day walkers long before Twilight came around, nary a vampire fang was shown, and even the word vampire was never mentioned in the film.


Let the Right One In
(2008 Swedish movie)

Always Our Protector (680 words)
After the train at the end of the movie (for Yuletide 2010).

The Long Walk by Stephen King, aka Richard Bachman - (for Yuletide 2010)

Salt of the Earth (1,600 words)
Ray Garraty/Peter McVries. Set sometime after Pete asked THAT question. You know. (The one where he asks if he can jerk Ray off. In case you didn't.)

Lonesome Dove

Wild, Wild Zombieland (1,060 words)
Gus, Call and zombie cows. You read that right. (for Yuletide 2010)

My Bloody Valentine (2009) - see Friday the 13th (2009) crossover (Clay/Tom)

Planet of the Apes TV series

all stories gen or het:

Circular Progression (5,000 words)
Written for Yuletide 2012. It's a little over a year since Alan and Pete's spaceship crashed. Galen's still with them. They're still running, still fugitives, and Urko's pursuit of them still tireless. When they find a tiny village on the outskirts of ape civilization and Urko passes it by while searching for them, the fugitives begin to hope they've escaped. But there are others besides Urko who'd like to see them dead.

No Price Too Great (47,000 words)
Virdon, Burke and Galen engage in a deadly struggle against Urko and Zaius, with the fate of mankind in the balance.

Echoes From the Past (32,400 words)
They didn't find a way back home, but they found a life. I think this one's my favorite.

Additional scene for the pilot episode - Galen's Truth (600 words)

Additional scene for: "The Gladiator" - Alan's Hope (350 words)

Additional scene for "The Trap" - Burke's Plan (770 words)

Planet of the Ludicrous (1,800 words)
A parody (why yes I know. I'm NOT FUNNY)

This isn't something I've created, but I love it and I've got the urge to show it to you:) - my POTA friends wrote a comic strip about astronaut Pete Burke and ME;)

My POTA website sprawling is what that site is. Lots of fun, with comics and sound files. My first fandom!)

Video Heretic. The only POTA video around? The cuts are too long, the whole thing is too damned long - it's an early work. Still, if you enjoy Sound Garden you might like it - it works in an odd sort of way:)

Starsky & Hutch

gen fiction:
Quiet Nights (260 words)
How Hutch gets through the night.wqqqqqqqqqqs

Shootout: Role Reversal (2,900 words)
A role reversal for the episode "Shootout," with Hutch as the one shot

The Disappearance of Hutch (28,700 words)
Alternate version of "The Fix"

In the Dying Light h/c, mostly h (13,000 words)
Starsky goes to New York for a family reunion, and Hutch disappears. Will Starsky find him in time to save him?

Starsky/Hutch slash:
Wild Kingdom (6,400 words)
Set during "Moonshine," right after Starsky and Hutch leave the bar.

Blue Haze (6,500 words)
Set during Starsky and Hutch's time at the academy - what's real and what's not?

Blood on the Sun (2,400 words)
Time is running out.

Someday After Gillian (17,200 words)
A countdown of the days after Gillian dies.

Incubus (530 words)
UST story slightly related to the episode, "Satan's Witches." Originally written for Flamingo's SHarecon zine.

Life on Mars (7,700 words)
The aftermath of Starsky vs. Hutch. This was one way to work it out--not a particularly easy way, but when did either of them ever make it easy?

Streaming vids -
Heaven From Hell, Drive My Car, Valley of the Shadow, Alive, Mighty Fine, Your Best Friend, You've Got a Friend, Nothing Else Matters, Gillian, Hot Diggity

S&H gen and slash anthology zine I put out a few years ago (beautiful artwork by my friend Sonja, and much thanks to the contributors) -download PDF

2nd S&H slash and gn anthology (artwork by Sonja) excerpts page

Websites put together with Sonja's help: gen and slash

Starsky & Hutch RPS

Break (700 words)
David Soul/Paul Michael Glaser. David and Paul meet before they land parts on Starsky & Hutch.


Wincest (Sam/Dean):
Cherry Bomb (1,600 words)
Prompt: the Impala. Originally posted at spnflashfic. Sam, Dean and sex in the Impala (Season 3)

Diamond Dogs (1,500 words)
Prompt: werewolfism - one turns and takes the other down, posted at dark_fest

Burning Blue (6,500 words)
Prompt: Sam can't feel anything, but he'll still do anything for his brother. And all Dean wants is to make Sam feel, even if it's pain. Messed-upedness. Rough sex and Dean-hurting-Samness. A scene with an emotional (crying?) Dean running his hands through an exhausted, fucked-out Sam's hair while he's on top of him and screaming at Sam to feel something would be great. Sam loves his brother and wants to feel something and make Dean feel better, but he just can't. Written for th Sam focused h/c fiction challenge a ohsam

The Other End (What's Left of You That I Don't Have), part 1 part 2 (11,500 words)
AU where Ruby doesn't betray Sam, and the Apocalypse is averted. It begins after Sam escapes the panic room in "When the Levee Breaks" during Season 4, picking up immediately after the fight between Sam and Dean at the hotel. Story based on prompt art by vail_kagami for [info]spn_illuminated

Like Always (830 words)
Written after the season 8 final episode, following it immediately. Utter grimness, prompted (unknowingly) by [livejournal.com profile] tipitiwitchet

Always (120 words)
A drabble written in response to a wish at [livejournal.com profile] insmallpackages: a solo Sam fic... masturbating at college, thinking
of Dean.

In the Beginning (260 words)
From flashslash 62, prompt 2 (with eight minutes to write:) sort of an intro to SPN, I think

It All Burns (Wait It Out) (1,000 words)
Sam and the demons stood on the hill. Dean was at the foot, angels and humans by his side.

One Word (400 words)
Prompt: "It is raining/snowing/weathering of your choice, and Dean stops for a hitchhiker, who turns out to be Sam." Comment fic meme for Sam and Dean's S6 reunion at fleshflutter's LJ

Valentine's Day poems (160 words; 4 poems)
Over at [livejournal.com profile] blood_and_pie (with gorgeous art and fiction by monica woe and quickreaver!), they celebrated Valentine's Day 2014 with an event called Moonstruck, where we exchanged valentines via prompts. There were some amazing works - love letters from specified characters to the recipients, gorgeous artwork and amazing poems:
Okay, I don't know poetry from ass, but I gave it a shot.

SPN RPF - see The Hunger (1983) movie fusion

The Walking Dead (the TV series) - written for Yuletide 2011

Something In the Guns (1,380 words)
Characters: Daryl Dixon, Andrea and Dale
Spoilers for/set during episode 205, “Chupacabra,” and during and after episode 206, “Secrets” - Daryl's shot, Andrea did it - where does that leave them?

And last but not least, I've done a few ebook novellas and short stories, too. See blackbara for more information.

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