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Post the first line of the last 20 fics posted, newest first.
saw this from smalltrolven and decided to give it a try. Cheer myself up after a terrible review of Beneath the Neon Moon at Audible, maybe:) These are in order posted, not necessarily written - I posted some older stories at a03.

 1.   He's a Queen's boy: an elite 00 agent. The Queen's Boy (James Bond)

 2.   From graves and charnel houses I selected only the finest, strongest bodies to build my creation. Unhallowed (Frankenstein)

 3.   Heyes got broody over certain things. Alias Jones and Smith (Alias Smith and Jones)

 4.   So tired, but sleep won't come. Always (Supernatural)

 5.   “So what’s the solution to this troublesome triangle we have here?” Kira asked, big eyes looking at one then the other. Life on Mars (Starsky & Hutch)

 6.   Alfred never left Bruce alone. What Hurts Most (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

 7.   I would give you songs, but for this black soul. Valentine's Day Poems (Supernatural)

 8.   I have a recurring dream that’s driving me goddamned crazy. Incubus (Starsky & Hutch)

 9.   Gillian's dead. Someday After Gillian (Starsky & Hutch)

10.  So cold. What Hurts More (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

11.  It was 3:00 AM when Dick spotted the motionless body on the street outside his apartment. Sometimes They Come Back (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

12. Once upon a time a young man named Samuel forgot who he was and where he came from, or how to get home. The Witch of the Woods (based on the fairytale of the same name by Helena Nyblom)

13. He was sixteen and on his own, his dad laid up drunk somewhere, anywhere, if he wasn't dead. Beneath the Neon Moon (original work)

14. People say you can't live on hatred. The Others (J2 x The Hunger)

15. His lungs felt heavy for days afterward, and he coughed a lot. Burke's Plan (Planet of the Apes TV series)

16. Her voice worms inside his mind, writhes and shreds until his skull is soft; swollen fruit just this side of rotten. Breathe or Die (From Dusk Till Dawn: the Series)

17. Afterward, the thing that saved him was that he had no fight left in him. If Mine Eyes Offend Thee (Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon; also The Dark Secret of Harvest Home - miniseries)

18. I died in Sumeria. Curses and Brown Suede Shirts (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys)

19. Dean's clothes were in rags, black and purple bruises over his skin, smears of dried blood swooping over his body like kite tails flipping on a high breeze. Like Always (Supernatural)

20. Here I am, imprisoned with this creature I have made. A Perfect Form (Illuminated) (Frankenstein: the True Story)

uh...looking at this, I see I've used "afterward" a couple of times as a hook to get a reader (hopefully) wondering "after what?" There's some short sentences there for punch until there's...not:)

Date: 2016-01-08 11:37 pm (UTC)
ext_795719: dean hugging sam (Default)
From: [identity profile] smalltrolven.livejournal.com
Ooh very nice, you've got some great, intriguing first lines on this list!

Date: 2016-01-09 12:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tipitiwitchet.livejournal.com
You're just so damn good at setting a mood. All these do exactly that : )

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